Severe weather warning from the Kefalonia and Ithaca Region

We inform you that according to the forecasts of the  National Meteorological Service

  E.M.Y., we have a new worsening of the weather from midday on Wednesday (25-01-2023) until the morning hours of Thursday (26-01-2023) , with heavy rains, storms and strong winds in the Regional Units Cephalonia & Ithaca.

   We recommend that during the occurrence of severe weather phenomena, citizens should be particularly careful, ensuring that self-protection measures are taken, more detailed general instructions follow :

  • Secure objects which, if carried away by severe weather conditions, may cause damage or injury.
  • If there are elderly people and people with special needs who live in basements or vulnerable ground floors, they should move to upper floors or to other houses.
  • Make sure that the gutters and downspouts of the houses are not blocked and are working properly.
  • Avoid crossing torrents and streams, on foot or by vehicle, during storms and rainfall, but also for several hours after the end of their event 
  • Avoid outdoor work and activities in marine and coastal areas during severe weather events (risk of lightning strikes).
  • Those who have businesses to insure umbrellas and table seats that are in the open air.
  • Do not leave the safe area until they are sure the storm has passed. 
  • Avoid passing under large trees, under posted signs and in general areas where light objects (e.g. pots, broken glass, etc.) can become detached and fall to the ground (e.g. under balconies) .
  • To faithfully follow the instructions of the local authorities, such as Traffic, etc.     

The Deputy Governor
P.E Kefallinia & P.E. Ithaca
Stavros P. Travlos

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