A case of home burglary in Cephalonia was discovered


Corfu, June 15, 2019


A case of home burglary has been discovered in Kefalonia

Documentary was formed by the Security Department of Argostoli, at the expense of two 22 and 46-year-olds for the theft offense.

More specifically, according to the investigation carried out by the Security Department of Argostoli, the action of the 22-year-old and the 46-year-old, in the case of a violation of a 61-year-old resident’s residence, was identified in the Mazarakata Kefallinia area between 25/4 and 04/06/2019, from which they removed electronic devices and other items.

During the investigation, part of the items that had been removed were seized and confiscated and returned to their owner.

The file that has been filed against them will be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor of Plamenomenodikis Kefallinia.

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