A Great €710 Raised for Katelios cats, ARK, FLIK & Greek Paws

Thank you to everyone who came along, donated prizes or helped out today. It was a.silly morning that raised a total 710 euros for 4 very worthy causes. 40 euros is going towards the care of Katelios cats, 270 euros for the ARK, 200 euros for FLIK and 200 euros for Compassion for Greek Paws.

Big round of applause to the helpers – Irene and Alan Dobby, Rebecca Joyce, Martin Fido, Carol Milner, Wendy Bradshaw, Elizabeth Williams and Karen Price.

We also need to thank Kolaitis garage, Katelios Grill, Irene and Alan Dobby, Solomos supermarket, Revoil Skala, Charlotte Baguley, Il Borgo restaurant, Lighthouse restaurant, Jerry’s Elliniko, Nemesis bar, Alou Yialou, Kaye Bradbury, Ellen Van Kerpel, David Evans, Medusa restaurant for their raffle prize donations and last but not least Elias Papadatosfor once again letting us use the Filoxenia as a venue.

Source – Reproduced from FB page of Alison McG

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