A great Video from last weeks Katelios to Pastra walk (part english narrative)

Following our article last week on the recently reopened path from Katelios to Pastra, here is a great video and more pictures of the inaugral walk.

To get to know the beauties of Kefalonia, this paradise island that we are lucky enough to live in all year, you must walk. Climb mountains, overpass gorges, walk through rivers, cool off in small natural ponds, breathe in the endless natural beauty you will find. To learn, to explore, to walk the paths of almost fraud.

The trails that the locals find, the hiking trails that at their own expense and endless hours of personal work, clean up to be traversed around the world, signposts to know where to go. People with saws, people with love and endless love for the place. 

On Sunday we went, these people, Dimitris Takidis and sweet Effi, George Potamianos, President of Pastra Makis Fourni, all those children ( Alexis Gountinakos, Spyros Papadatos, Maki Kolaiti)  who selflessly cleared this path from Katelios to Pastra, we were guided to their own beauties. In the beauties of Katelios. 

Starting at Katelios beach at 10am, climbing the path of the old, passing through the mountains and the plains, walking by the river, overlooking water mills (19 in total in this area) that are in excellent condition to this day. , an irrigation system of old times also in excellent condition and after 5 km walk we reach Pastra.

There, the President of Pastra, Mr. Fourniotis, Mr. Takidis who had the idea and implemented it with the help of all the above and his friend Mr. Potamianos, briefly referred to this idea which took flesh and bones and more than 60 people walked with her.

We also thank our friend from England who also transports the information to the English Community, in her own voice for the value of this hiking trip.

Of course, arriving at Pastra we took a short break in the village cafe, just before we started downhill to get back to Katelios beach.

Thank you very much for everything!

Katelios-Pastra: 270 m altitude 5 km walking in about 1.5 hours.


Aristea Charitatou

Source – reproduced with consent from lixouri.gr

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