A Greek view on the winner of UK Masterchef -Dont read if you have not watched it!

The winner of the British Masterchef – She made a risotto with squid.

The winner of the British Masterchef, Irini Tzortzoglou. Photo: BBC
The winner of the British Masterchef, Irini Tzortzoglou. Photo: BBC

61-year-old retired former bank employee Irene Tzortzoglou became the 15th amateur cook to win the coveted title, winning 42-year-old Gili McCord and 28-year-old Delia Maria Aser in yesterday’s final.

In the final, the three finalists had to prepare a three-course menu for the two judges John Toronto and Greg Wallace.

Eirene’s winning menu was inspired by her childhood on Crete. The 61-year-old cooked a risotto with roast beef and squid and tomato onion for appetizer, lamb chops with rosemary and mashed potatoes for main course and baklava with fig and dessert for dessert.

The winning chef, who now lives in Cumbria’s Cumbria with her husband John, said, “I’m shaking. I’m flying in the air. I do not think my feet are touching the ground right now. What experience, I have no words to express how excited and grateful I am. I can finally say I believe in me. There may have been difficult times, but if you find the strength to continue, you can achieve miracles. ”

Judge John Toronte said Eirini Tzortzoglou “has magic on her fingers and a light in her stomach” after her announcement as a winner of the contest.

As he said: “She gets the food she knows well from Crete and rebuilds it in a modern context . She has a magic in her fingers and a fire in her stomach. She wanted to make her grandchildren proud and did it! ”

And Greg Wallace praised Irene Tzortzoglou’s inspiration based on Greek ingredients and flavors.

As he said: “The small touches of Greek flavors and Greek ingredients of Peace are appealing. You can learn the technique of cooking, but what you can not instill in someone is love and passion and Peace has it. Every time she cooks she does it with her heart. ”

He continued praising the winning menus as “beautiful,” while John Toronde said she “presented us with things we have never seen before.”

Irini Tzortzoglou managed to stand out among 54 amateur cooks and show the judges the skills, the creative feeling and the insistence they need to succeed.

And despite the fact that some of the biggest names in the food industry were impressed throughout the competition, the future plans of Irene do not include the opening of its own restaurant.

“I do not think I want to open a restaurant at this time of my life,” she said. “I want to spend more time with my mother and I would love to go to Greece and do some research – maybe a show if I’m lucky.”

Source- iefimerida.gr 

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