A longer duration for Educational Television from Monday

The Ministry of Education’s Education Television, which aims to keep children alert… until the schools reopen, has a very positive response.
The aim of the course is not to substitute for life-long teaching, so the lessons are geared to the repetition and deepening of the material already taught.

After the first week of operation, messages from children and parents are such that the Ministry of Education in cooperation with ERT has decided that its duration will be increased from next week to one and a half hours.

Specifically, the program from 10:00 to 11:30 will be broadcast by Educational Television through ERT2. 

– LANGUAGE A ‘: Repeat: Writing and Reading (Teacher: Kotsari Constantina)
– MATHEMATICAL B’: Vertical Actions (Teacher: Koukli Rania)
– LANGUAGE C: Active Voice Vocal Times (Instructor)
: daily life in Byzantium (Teacher: Sophia Branch)

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