A new age feast in the ghost village of Kefalonia (Saristra 2019 the full guide to this years festival)

One of the most special summer festivals in Greece, he gives life again (2-4 August) to the abandoned village of Old Vlachata Sami in Kefalonia.

In a unique setting with half-broken buildings, old cisterns, labyrinthine dirt roads, perennial olives, grapes, pomegranates and sheep, Saristra Festival attempts to unite the past of the place with the postmodern present of the festival, giving the visitor the opportunity to tour every corner of this magical village enjoying great music, exhibitions, installations, lectures, yoga lessons, movie screenings and many more experiences – all with free admission. 

Saristra Festival, having previously hosted many important artists from Greece and abroad, returns more selectively this year with an explosive multi-line line-up. With two scenes – the Square Stage that focuses on the guitar sound, and the most electronic (“hidden” in an eerie landscape in the area’s olive grove), Goat with Gold Teeth Stage, will present some of the most interesting names the Greek independent scene, as well as a few great guests from abroad. 

This year’s great guest of the festival is Ian Svenonius, an active form of Washington DC’s underground scene that always remains authentic in an unsuspecting post-punk spirit. Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War, David Candy, Escape-ism, some of the shapes and personal projects that the musician who once won the title of “Sassiest Boy In America” ​​has led.

Other selected guests are psychedelic Japanese Minami Deutsch with the reputation of one of the best live bands in the world, Blaine L. Reininger “legendary” frontman of Tuxedomoon in a set that joins the dots from the days of the great band to the solo Acid Baby Jesus returning to the stage of the old village after their last appearance in 2017, The Callas with their holistic artistic universe, Territroy’s explosive partnership of Larry Gus and St Statik shortly afterwards the release of their album in the influential Dutch Dekmantel, Jay Glass Dubs with his dark oak and the dazzling criticism of the world music press, Cornet Restive Plaggona with his industrial techno, the supergroup of the $ OFT $ KULL with their “dirty” guitars, the newly-formed Sclavos with post-punk concerns, the electro / dark wave duo of Strawberry Pills with one of the best single (“Verbal Suicide”) of this year’s Greek production, Turbo Teeth with its post-industrial fragments, Dury Dava their self-congenial Mediterranean (and a bit “eastern”) psychedelic, snejiśs tretzew in their improvisational mysticism, Georgios Karamanolakis who will set up a wall of sound using various electroacoustic techniques, MarcelDune in an improvisational set that combines analogue and digital sounds with recordings natural spaces, Kolida Babo with en if the sound that oscillates between Greek traditional music and free jazz form, Beyond the Mountains (the project of George Kontogiannidi of Numb Capsule Records) combining techno to IDM, Kostadis with improvised moods and introverted low tempo sounds, Bill Anagnos attempting to marry vaporwave with drone and lo-fi with world music, Echo Canyon combining field recordings and noise echoes, sparking polyrhythmic spells, Odysseus Tzirtas – the new star of the Greek scene – with his petty and pop-folk pop and Johnny Labelle with the dreamy lo-fi sound and the crooner voice, and after the end of the live decks of the two scenes, they take great djs like their duets Hypermedium Soundsystem, the Cannibal Radio web radio, Saturday night for a techno nite until dawn with a b2b set by Simos Ares and The Prudence Tapes, while the most rock’n’roll program assumes band members in a dj role, such as Nolo Areola (Acid Baby Jesus) and Taboole + Big Baby (Dury Dava). The traditional closing party of the festival is taking over this year’s Express Skopelitis duet. 

Also in the parallel art program of Saristra Festival, street artist bleeps.gr will create a dialectical world by intervening artists in the field, Chilean painter Daniela Montecinos will study the movement of animals as organisms in the village and explore it, the lab deDODE Fab Lab (Computational, Fabrication and Research Laboratory) will take part in the building of the former cafeteria of the village and will build a mobile dome made of yarn, visual artist Kostis Emmanouilidis will create the installation / video mapping “Cargo (re)”, Lili Hasioti will present the project “Optimist” μ on the revival of a shipwreck by exploiting sails as a symbol and means to give the ruins a new breath, 

Also, the radio producer Giorgos Florakis will exhibit mixed media accompanying his programs in the Third Program, while he will co-ordinate a listening studio based on the musical names participating in the festival. In addition, the Negos gallery in the French city of Nîmes will present French-Venezuelan photographers Matthew Asselin’s “Ninety-Nine Percent” photographic work, French photographer Patrice Loubon will exhibit the photographic series “Un architecte du XXIè siècle, Freddy MAMANI” and the choreographer, pianist and pharmacist Elpida Orphanidou will present the dance-concert “ONE IS ALMOST NEVER in Kefallinia 44”. 

Also this year’s festival will host the Communitism team, which will experiment on the collective occupation of a building to revive it through play, construction and cooking. 

The Saristra Festival cinema will be based on the theme of the avant-garde. Among the films to be featured is the documentary “Point Of No Return” for the historic Solar Impulse Solar Flight, the “one film for Lena Platonos” documentary by Christos Petros for one of Greece’s most outstanding musicians and the “The Invisible hands” by Marina Yiotis and George Salame for American / Lebanese musician Alan Bishop arriving in Cairo just after the 2011 uprisings and forming a band with three new local musicians. At the same time, a special screening of the short films of the Kefalonitic director, Vasilis Kekatos, organizer of the SeaNema Open Air Film Festival and the first Greek director to be awarded the Golden Finish of the best short film of the Cannes Film Festival. Kekatos will also co-ordinate a short film program of domestic production in recent years. 

At the same time, Maria Karageorgou, a kangaroo and Argentinean dancer Tango, will deliver her three-day experiential seminar to connect and communicate with tango, contact improvisation and theater, while Rythe Yoga Alliance USA, will take yoga classes this year with reports from different techniques trained in Asia. 

Also, Lambros Papanikolatis, a teacher and photographer, will give a lecture on the photographic book, Sotiris Marketos, founder of the newly built Naval Museum of Sami, will talk about this personal undertaking and Gerasimos Artelaris, a physicist with postgraduate studies in Archaeometry and Archaeo Astronomy , will present the lecture “Monuments Looking at the Stars”. 

In addition, the teacher Anna Konstantinou will reconnect with the children the landscape of Old Vlachata through paper constructions and will introduce the philosophy of the non-competitive game, while the village will be upgraded to the Bastard Vinyl internet disc that will load its discs a specially designed van. 

detailed program 

Friday 2 August

Square Stage

Blaine L. Reininger may not need so many recommendations, since he is along with Steven Brown founding member of Tuxedomoon, but beyond the American post-punk trails he has also come up with a very interesting solo course with his violin, in which not only music and theater, and he has made numerous collaborations with nobly names like Durutti Column.

Acid Baby Jesus returns to the village after their last sweeping appearance in 2017 at the Saristra Festival, remaining faithful to their idiosyncratic psychedelia, with which they have returned to the whole world and have won a place on record labels such as the American Slovenly and the British Fuzz Club. 

Strawberry Pills will give the darkest note on the first day of Saristra. The electro / dark wave duo by Antonis Konstantaras and Valisia Odell combines dark synths with Diamanda Galas vocals. After a pause, two new tracks, “Verbal Suicide” and “Icarus”, have been released this year, which have left the best impression for their completed work they are preparing to make soon.

17-year-old Odysseas Tzirtas, despite his young age with this year’s first completed work, Butterflies, released independently showed more than a good example of his ability to combine seemingly diverse references to his pop sound.

The evening on the main stage will be closed with dj set by the members of Taboole + Big Baby (two of the members of Dury Dava)

Goat With Gold Teeth Stage

Restive Plaggona is the project of Dimitris Doukas. The great musician creates industrial sound with dramatic tension and dark techno, while his work has been released on labels such as Moral Defeat, Yerevan Tapes, NEN Records and his own label Several Minor Promises. 

Echo Canyon (Dimitris Patsaros) is a composer / producer from Athens and a member of the exotic rock rockers Kooba Tercu. Applying abstract dance structures, combines field sound recordings and noise sound, sparking polyrhythmic spells. It is expected to release Untitled-1 and Numb Capsule by the end of 2019.

The Beyond The Mountains is the new personal project of Yorgos Kontogiannidis, founder of Numb Capsule Records, which combines techno with IDM and breaks. In the coming days new material will be released under the roof of Furthur Electronix.

Hypermedium Soundsystem consists of the founders (Asty Tekk and Xyn Cabal of the Athenian label Hypermedium, which has managed to gather under its umbrella an extremely comprehensive list of international artists such as EVOL, Siete Catorce, Audioboyz, Dave Save & NPLGNN, Lensk et al.

Saturday 3 August

Square Stage

The Japanese Minami Deutsch know well to put their special touch on the term psychedelia. Against the intoxicating guitar whirlwind of Kikagaku Moyo and the daptized space flames of the Acid Mother Temple, Minami Deutsch who come from Tokyo “answer” to their co-stars with sharp kraut rhythms in their psychedelic shades. Pitchfork wrote for last year’s album, With Dim Light on Guruguru Brain: “The krautrock, psychedelia and a dj instinct in the way the tracks that make up the album prove that the Tokyo trio is more than just an act of revival. »

All the actions of The Callas move in the spirit of a more complete artistic proposal that goes beyond music and reaches up to the arts and cinema. The band of brothers Aris and Laki Ionas duly honor the legacy of Sonic Youth, and in their new visit to Saristra after 2014, they carry their last work, Trouble and Desire, in their luggage, in which they co-operated with their great guitarist Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo and released jointly on Inner Ear and Dirty Water. This is the first time we hear a Greek verse from the band. 

$ OFT $ KULL is a quartet from Athens that was created in late 2015. Their sound has clear references to noise / kraut / psychedelic rock, although there is wide variation between compositions due to various listening and influences. The link between the tracks is the noisy, lo-fi, reverberated guitars, monotone, distorted bass lines, full-spectrum attack by synths and repeatable and sometimes broken beats. Their first LP, “Death $$”, is soon to be released.

The snejiśśżtżeśrż is an electric minimal rock trio from Athens. their first album titled ‘untrue’ was released in the autumn of 2018 by Underflow Records vinyl and produced by Coti K. At this time, they are constantly making and destroying new tracks on their way to their second album, which they hope will be double.

Johnny Labelle sounds like he came out of the Twin Peaks TV Roadhouse. He sings like a crooner, he loves the saxophone but also the dreamy lo-fi sound, as was shown by his latest work, Cold Fruit, and it is definitely one of the most special things you can hear at this year’s Saristra.

At the decks of the central stage on the second day of the festival will be found Nolo Areola of Acid Baby Jesus.

Goat with Gold Teeth Stage

Jay Glass Dubs is one of the leading representatives of experimental dub electronics and a key member of the Bokeh Versions team. A large number of his work has been released in companies such as Bokeh Versions, The Tapeworm, Anomia, DFA Records and Ecstatic. He has presented his work in various international institutions and festivals, from documenta14, Transmediale, Athens Biennale, Onassis Foundation to the Athens Festival and the National Theater. His reputation has reached even emblematic musical instruments like Wire, Pitchfork and Mojo. The latter even declared “The Book of the Month” his debut album, Epitaph, while Wire recently wrote for his last album Forma (in Boomkat) along with Not Waving that “he goes on, 

Kostadis is the solo project of Kostantis Michail, an active member of Wham Jah and Lost Bodies, as well as entries for names like Acid Baby Jesus and In Trance 95. His personal project explores electronic sounds, creating introverted low tempo echoopia. In his live performances he prefers full improvisation, creating on the scene inspired by what is being listened at the moment.

Turbo Teeth is the project of the active Giorgos Axiotis. Starting with the post-industrial sound, it continuously adds sound strings when in dub concerns and when with improvisational trends, with the result being built up by a colorful concern.

Cannibal Radio takes its consoles to Kefalonia with a b2b dj set from Simos Ares and the duo of The Prudence Tapes that will make sure you do not leave before the sun comes out.

Sunday 4th August

Square Stage

This year’s great guest of the festival is Ian Svenonius, an active form of Washington DC’s underground scene that always remains authentic in an unsuspecting post punk spirit. Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War, David Candy, Escape-ism, some of the shapes and personal projects that the musician who once won the title of “Sassiest Boy In America” ​​has led. With the revelation of Alan Vega’s intellectual depot, Svenonius sets out a totally personal journey that has not stopped widening behind his various projects, either with frozen synths or threatening guitars, but always with his mouth making the discs but also his live performances one of a kind. 

Territroy is the product of the collaboration of two prolific and experienced artists, Larry Gus and Mr. Statik and is defined as “Mediterranean steroid-induced poly-rhythmia”. Their first album, Skulls & Plants, was released last May on the UFO label of the highly influential Dutch label Dekmantel.

Dury Dava visits the village for the second time after their appearance in 2017. In their first homonymous work released a while ago by Inner Ear they masterfully pink their psychedelic base with Mediterranean and African elements and anadolu rock to an explosive effect. 

Kolida Babo is a duet of wind guitars composed by Socrates Votsco and Haris P. with their music grooving ornately between tradition and free jazz form, while their last album of the same name released in MIC Records captured him even the radar of the Vinyl Factory.

Sclavos is a newly-formed figure that comes with gruesome, sharp and filthy moods that pop in post punk but are not afraid to go beyond that with a laxative rock feel.

Goat with Gold Teeth Stage

Behind the pseudonym Bill Anagnos lies Efthimis Theodosis, ½ of the Dub of the Free Piece of Tape and an active member of the Athens underground for almost 20 years. As Bill Anagnos tries to find the dub shades of pre-labeled tracks and marry the genres, from vaporwave to drone and from lo-fi to world music, as he has done on Major Arcana’s tape.

Georgios Karamanolakis is the author of sound experimentation. The stage unfolds a variety of sounds that can start from the drone and end up in free jazz and musique concrete. In the old village will build a wall of sound completely idiosyncratic, using various electroacoustic techniques.

MarcelDune, an artist (with jazz studies at the Athens Conservatory and Opera), also relies on experimentation, combining analogue and digital sounds along with recordings of natural spaces. 

Express Skopelitis, the name used by Iro (Iro Liatos) and Discojuice (Demetris Mouzakis) when decks are dealt, will go up to the decks for the ceremonial closing ceremony until the sun goes down. 

source – thetoc.gr

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