A new and beautiful part of Kefalonia was discovered yesterday but few will get there?

About 2 km from Poulata and close to the rural road connecting Poulata with Karavomilos the cave of Χειριδόνι (Hiridoni) is situated which is known to be connected to several other caves in the area through dye testing of water and previous exploration.

Follow this link to an interesting write up from Martin Farr a British cave diver who spent some time on the island last year and provides more detail on previous exploration referred to. 

The video below shows parts of the known cave until yesterday

And then yesterday a Russian team exploring the cave discovered another subterranean passage and chamber of 150m with magnificent stalactites, in the words from the FB page of Sergey Baykov

We opened and celebrated a new move in the hiridoni cave. We opened and marked a new move  fantastic stalactites passed us)) we were there first at the removal of about 500 m, through a narrow window in the wall we hit the A large enough channel and marked around 200 m. Next, the channel became a very growing stalactites and it was difficult to pass into it even in sidemount (Air tank)…


Here is the video of the new chamber and stalactites

Gepostet von Sergey Baykov am Mittwoch, 18. September 2019

The Russian team alongside with local team including Maki Sotiropoulos (Aquatic Scuba Diving Club) are still on the island and have also found new subterranean passages underneath Karavomylos lake near Sami.

We will update soon on more new discoveries to our magical island.

Source – FB page of Sergey Baykov/Aquatic diving club kefalonia island



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