A post from the FB of Nikos Hardalias (head of civil protection Greece) about Coronavirus to the Greek people

Another example of clear communication to the Greek people but also information and standards expected of visitors whilst they are in Greece.

The Kefalonia Pulse

We should not be convinced… The virus is in recession in our country, it’s still amongst us, dangerous and invisible!

45,233 dead in Great Britain, 35,028 dead in our neighbouring Italy, 30,152 dead in France, 142,080 dead in the USA and 600’126 dead fellow people to date all over the world, it’s not a lie, it’s not fake news. Children, brothers, parents cry and pray for their souls around the world, and we pray for our 194 fellow people who left so unjustly, here in our Homeland and their families.

No panic needed but no complacency!
The State with a specific plan and a lot of responsibility, does everything it takes to open our Economy, to support our Tourism, but in safety conditions and without discounts on Public Health. An entire State mechanism, from side to side across the country, contributes daily and tirelessly to this, with thousands of controls, hundreds of tracing and dozens of applications for management and sealing protocols of small or large outbreaks.

What we need right now is sobriety, cool and especially responsibility from all of us! This unique responsibility, individual and collective, that all the proud Greek people have shown with bravery and patience, in all stages of tackling this unprecedented global crisis and pandemic.
Let’s keep this up…

Let’s isolate the few populists, unspeakable and dangerous conspiracy analysts, the opportunity and lustful of any irresponsible 3 minute publicity and social media rumors, and let’s finally look at what is happening around the world!
The virus is here, but our life is here and step by step, day by day we will continue to take it back.

We follow the instructions, we use masks, whenever provided for by the law, especially in closed spaces with people, we keep our distance from people who are not in our immediate daily family and professional surroundings, we avoid meaningless gatherings and without overcrowding measures, the general uncontrolled health situations, and we do not risk the health of both ours and our relatives and especially those in danger!

And at this point of battle, we remain responsible and win! All together, we continue…

He used a cartoon as well , it says

There are many who believe we do not exist

                                We must convince the rest

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