A problem arose in an Aegean flight that took off from Heathrow to Athens, with the return of the flight to London Airport.

Photo from: flightradar24.com
According to newsit.gr, the Aegean route was directly from London to Athens, starting from Heathrow airport and destined, of course, Eleftherios Venizelos.

What happened to Aegean flight

The flight took off at 16.35 on Thursday evening, 13.06.2019 and for some reason not yet clarified (but apparently a technical problem), the aircraft was decided to return to Heathrow.

When it arrived, he made a forced landing at the airport in the British capital.

According to the newsit.gr , a new flight is scheduled to take off at midnight on Thursday, June 14 , 2019 , and according to the same information – so far – it has not been noted of any injuries

source -newsit.gr

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