A Remnder about the obligation of homeowners to ckear their boundary befire fire season starts on 1st May

The Municipality of Kefalonia for the cleaning of private plots

In view of the fire-fighting period commencing on May 1 and lasting until October 31st, we recall that according to the No. 4/2012 Fire Brigade (Government Gazette 1346 / Β / 25-4-2012) the owners, landlords and landlords of the land plots and other uncovered areas within cities, towns and settlements and within 100 meters of their boundaries, are obliged to clear them from the dry grass and remove them, remove any other abandoned combustibles or explosive materials or objects found in in this s to prevent the risk of fire or the rapid expansion, and in every other case in the measure intended to prevent causes and reduce risk of fire.

In case of non-compliance, the Municipality will impose a fine of fifty (50) cents per square meter (article 94 par. 1, paragraph 26, b of Law 3852/2012), while at the same time informing the Fire Brigade to file a complaint against the above owners for the offense referred to in Article 433 of the Penal Code.

The Municipality reminds that in the fire-fighting period fire is not allowed in the open spaces due to increased risk. The ban applies both to forest, grassland and rural areas outside of settlements, as well as to plots and other uncovered areas within the boundaries of settlements.

We know that with the minimum staff available to the Municipality today (which is insufficient for the cleaning and maintenance of the green areas of the Municipalities), it is totally incapable of deforestation of the huge number of gross land plots throughout Island’s.

Also, because of the phenomenon of arbitrary tree felling and destruction (eg cutting, drying) in public areas of the Municipality, we inform the citizens that according to article 5 par. 10a of the Municipal Cleaning Regulation, partial or total cutting of trees on pavements or other communal areas. Infringements will be subject to a fine of € 200.00 to € 500.00 depending on the extent of the offense (doubled in the event of a repeat offense pursuant to Article 22.2a of the Cleanup Regulation).

Lastly, landlords or landowners are required to immediately cut branches of trees on the sidewalks, in public areas and in general on the road network in order not to hinder the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles.


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