A strong 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck Istanbul. 28 earthquakes, according to Erdogan and 8 injured.

The 5.7-magnitude earthquake that struck Constantinople at 2pm caused a great panic among residents and stirred memories since 1999.
The earthquake was centered at the Marmara Sea and its focal depth was 11.9 kilometers. The earthquake was also felt in neighboring cities.
According to the mayor of Constantinople, no casualties have been reported except for material damage. According to newsit.gr, all major companies and businesses have been evacuated, as well as schools and universities.
Many earthquakes measuring 3.1 degrees, 3.3 degrees, 2.7 degrees, 3.2 degrees, 4.2 degrees, and 3.1 degrees followed the earthquake. It was also announced that schools would be closed tomorrow.

Constantinople is close to a major rift, and experts have been warning for years about the “Big One”, a major earthquake that could cause major damage to this 16 million-strong city. A 1999 magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the city of Izmit, 90km southeast of Istanbul, killing more than 17,000 people.

Tayyip Erdogan is briefed on the situation in Istanbul According to him, there have been 28 aftershocks, there are 8 slightly injured and minor damage to buildings. “We survived the earthquake that was severe enough with minor losses. There are inspections in buildings, ”he said.

Source -newsit.gr

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