A Summer of Severe Thunder Storms, Strong Wind and Flash Floods!

AccuWeather 2019 Europe summer forecast

Lengthy dry spells will lead to drought concerns and threaten agriculture as rain will be in short supply for much of the continent throughout the summer months.

Balkan Peninsula to endure rounds of severe thunderstorms

While dry and hot weather dominates a large portion of Europe this summer, severe thunderstorms will threaten the Balkan Peninsula throughout the season.

Though the region will not be immune from heat waves, extreme heat will be limited.

Violent thunderstorms will threaten Greece to Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria as disturbances track into the region from the Mediterranean, as well as from eastern Europe and Russia.

“These storms will bring frequent lightning, flooding downpours and damaging winds and hail,” Roys said. “The strongest storms will be capable of producing tornadoes.”

Severe thunderstorms will most likely be during the afternoon and evening hours.

These storms will occasionally ignite farther west, bringing volatile weather to Italy.

The greatest risk will be for damaging winds, hail and flash flooding.

Full prediction for Europe here

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