A tour inside a Petzetel fire plane cockpit and interview with the pilot in English (video)

As many of us watched the Petezetels flying continuously  in the fires yesterday you many may wonder what the cockpits look like, how they operate , how the water is released and much more, here is a video taken in Kefalonia which answers all those questions and many more described by the pilot.

Peter Lee who took this video commented yesterday as follows

I would Just like to say, (probably on behalf of most people here in Kefalonia), how impressed and thankful I am for the Firefighters, both ground crews and aerial firefighters, for the thorough job they do against difficult circumstances on the fireground.

Today in strong winds and facing a developing huge blaze, I saw nothing but determination and hard graft from the firefighters, some who receive no pay at all for volunteering. various fixed wing aircraft and helicopters too, they co-ordinated with the ground forces to beat the fire before it spread too far.

The professionalism is beyond doubt and enthusiasm is 100 per cent.

A big thank you!!

It demonstrates the skill the pilot needs to fly these aging aircraft….

source – FB post of peter Lee


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