A tragedy unfolded in the Ionian Sea as a NATO helicopter crashed in the sea area west of Kefalonia.


Updated information 

According to Defense Ministry sources, the incident happened at 20:15 when the aircraft disappeared from the radars. It is a Chicorski CH 124 Sea King helicopter that was based on the Canadian frigate Fredericton.


The area that fell, however, does not belong to the Athens FIR but to the Rome FIR and specifically fell 20 nm outside the Greek FIR.

According to the same information, 6 people were on board the fatal helicopter.

It was recently reported that the helicopter’s body and a crew member were found dead.

The fatal helicopter belonged to the force of the Canadian frigate Fredericton (codenamed NATO FF8337) which was sailing in the area together with the Italian frigate Fasan and the Turkish Sally Reyes.

Italian forces are involved in the investigation, while a Greek helicopter is on alert in Kotroni Marathon, ready to help if needed.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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