A view from some on the island – What kind of tourism would we like in the Municipality of Sami?

Some interesting stuff here a lot of which makes sense and would give a good progression for the development of the island especially when you consider parallel options such as Oil Rig Terminal!

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And while the tourist season is slowly coming to an end and apparently no fund has yet been set up to determine the level of collections, we read in an article by well-known journalist Stavros Pouletre at the Menshouse that every summer season 2018 visited our country spent about 520 €. This is probably a small amount considering the cost of a stay which is also reduced by one day per visitor compared to the last decade.


So, Greek tourism is looking for the formula that will bring a more profitable result. And this formula seems to move away from quantity and focus on quality. Where quantity is the total number of foreign tourists and the quality of what their pocket includes, their moods and desires. And finally, as Mr. Poulleres typically points out, the question comes down to how many comfort services you can provide at a specific price. That is why the Greek tourist market seems to have long been focused on hunting the few and the good. Instead of 25-30 million tourists with 520 € per capita expenditure, the target could be 4-5 million with 5 and 6 thousand euros deposit in Greek active tourism and inductive in all sectors of the economy.

The emergence of private pools, private chef facilities, or the presence of a freelance Greek-language concierge, who will handle every need of the tourist with a network of affiliates, are some of the elements that are a must. Mykonos and Santorini, which are the most popular Greek destinations, are another category that many islands want to look at competitively. And here begins the interest for us, as Cephalonia is mentioned as such. Indeed, most tourism operators consider our country to be the next major foreign tourism upgrading project in Greece, with Fiskardo as a central force. It is certainly mentioned in the article that Cephalonia does not have, nor does it want to acquire, we would complement the frantic nightlife of Mykonos for that and it will not appeal to the public who is seeking it. It can, however, focus on family-run households with an income of close to 8-10 thousand euros a month that will not hesitate to spend a week even 5 thousand euros which will translate into high-quality benefits.

The above article, as well as a number of assessments and analyzes of tourism factors, prove very much what we as poulatakefalonias.gr systematically point out. The huge prospects of tourism in Kefalonia and especially in our municipality. Sami, Erisos and Pylaros, with its unparalleled natural beauty and the facilities needed, can be turned into a destination for high income tourists. That is to say, to avoid the mass tourism that will distort their characteristics without offering such benefits. Why would anyone not wish, for the most obvious reasons, to turn our country into a design of other islands, neighboring or not. And to achieve this, Beyond modern and luxurious accommodation, there is a need to improve the infrastructure and the image of our municipality in general, when it finds its footing and gains financial independence. Of course, a wide array of actions is needed to enhance what we call the visitor’s ‘experience’ with the natural consequence and the extension of the tourist season, which is one of the major demands for our place. Indicatively:

  • Landscaping projects throughout the territory of our Municipality, such as the redevelopment of the Sami coastal zone and public spaces in our villages
  • Modernization of the road network and in particular the provincial road of Sami – Agia Efimia, which will lead to the development of a fully exploited but also privileged area
  • Improvement of port facilities with emphasis on boat docking services in Sami, Agia Efimia and Fiskardo
  • Improvement of health services on both public and private basis 
  • Exploiting our natural, historical and religious wealth with the creation of the Speleological Park, highlighting the citadel of ancient Sami, improving the image of the fortress of Assos, or even restoring our best preserved pre-earthquake churches such as Panagia Almond tree in Poulata
  • Improving the quality of services provided in all sectors related to the tourist product, as well as filling in the gaps we have all identified and related to serving or entertaining tourists

Regarding Poulata, they could claim their share of the future tourist event of our area, given the close distance that separates them from the island’s major points of interest, with multiple benefits to the economy and employment of all. us. Our village already has several quality accommodation and catering shops that are different from the competition, and there are plenty of free spaces that can be used to create new high-end units. Combined with the exploitation of our caves and the emergence of our pre-earthquake history, Poulata can become an attractive destination for the category of tourists that we might find appropriate. 

Source: www.poulatakefalonias.gr – reproduced directly from kefaloniamas.gr

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