A weekend of rain is predicted by the NMS – where the bad weather will hit [maps]

Wonderful five days, until Tuesday evening, predicts the NMS / Photo: SOOC / GEORGE VITSARAS

A new wave of bad weather and unstable conditions will “hurt” several parts of the country until next Tuesday, May 14, according to the National Meteorological Service (NMH).

The weather change, reported by the meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou , yesterday , will begin tomorrow, Thursday.

According to the NMS, local rains are expected in Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, and Thessaloniki on Thursday.

Rain on the northern continent “sees” for the same day and the National Observatory of Athens.

Preparation with rains and sporadic storms
As the NMS predicts on Friday, the weather will be shaky, with local rains in the North Ionian, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, East Aegean, Dodecanese, Thessaly and Sporades.

The bad weather will be stronger, bringing sporadic storms at midday and afternoon, in East Macedonia and Thrace.

Astastos weather and Friday according to the NMS / Source: NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE
In the rest of the country there will be sparse clouds with local rains in the continental mountains.

The temperature will rise slightly.

Rainy and the weekend
The meteorologists of the NMS expect clouds, temporarily elevated, with local rains or thunderstorms at midday and Saturday afternoons in Central Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the East Aegean islands, Thessaly and the Sporades.

However, local rains can not be ruled out in the southern mountains of the country.

Rain and thunderstorms in the north and west of the country on Sunday / Source: NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE
Similar will be the setting and Sunday, with local rains occurring in the west, central and northern.
At the same time, sporadic storms are expected in the northwest of the country, while in the rest of the country the weather will generally be fair.

The bad weather is generalizing the two-day Monday-Tuesday
Next week he will also make a “foot” with bad weather, even more generalized.

According to the NMS, the bad weather will be generalized in other areas, possibly touching Attica / Source: NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE
According to the NMS, “clouds are temporarily elevated throughout the country with local rains and mainly in the west, central and northern sporadic storms.”

On the fifth day of the bad weather , the temperature will drop further.

The phenomena will continue – at least – until the evening of Tuesday / Source: NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE
Source- iefimerida.gr 

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