AADE: The “temporary closures” in well-known bars in Mykonos continue

The HRAD’s auditors found that 9 receipts were not issued for a total of 752 euros, but as the company was reckless and had been suspended for 48 hours a month ago, this time the “temporary closure” would be for four days. However, as the auditors drew up the relevant note, they were surrounded by security personnel at the bar, who did not allow them to serve it and forced them to leave.

AADE commander George Pitsilis briefed Citizens’ Defense Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis and the ELAS leader, who ordered the immediate assistance of police forces. Thus, the statement of findings and the decision to suspend the bar were jointly sealed by the inspectors and police officers as reported by RES-EIA.

The bar will be closed from next Monday, as the landlord has a two-day deadline for submitting possible objections and objections. It is noted that a 48-hour “padlock” for tax offenses has entered the previous days and two other well-known bars.

New padlock in a bar in Gaidouronissi

Yesterday, AADE stepped in at a beach bar on the island of Chrissi Lasithiou (Gaidouronissi) south of Crete and found dozens of evidences not being issued. He went on a “temporary closure” for 48 hours, though the businessman was suspended for “false” proofs and uninsured workers. But it re-opened this year under another name and another VAT, and it was not possible to impose a greater penalty.


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