AB Vassilopoulos’ new shopping experience: With sophisticated loyalty program, new concepts, new technology applications and a great commitment to the environment

The AB Vassilopoulos closes this year 80 years of travel in the Greek market, reflecting the joy and the company’s desire to always offer the best to its customers, partners and suppliers.

At an anniversary event at Building 56 of the Hellenic World, with an impressive backdrop inspired by the Greek countryside and always having the man and his needs at the center, AB Vasilopoulos shared his vision for hundreds of vendors and friends with him. In the role of host, AB Vassilopoulos Chairman and CEO, Vasilis Stavrou, presented AB’s new shopping experience, its diversification through new product categories and new concepts, as well as the company’s environmental commitments.

With a key element reflecting AB’s values ​​and a home that symbolizes the place it has earned at the table of every Greek household, the start of AB Vasilopoulos’ anniversary was marked. Actors dressed as farmers and fishermen talk musically, building a melody with references to the Greek countryside. A touching review of AB Vassilopoulos’ history followed, with reference to its important milestones and the positive role it has consistently played in society, the economy and development for over 80 years.

Then the inventive scene changed again and the Chairman and CEO, Vassilis Stavrou, presented the AB of tomorrow in a very charming and interactive way. He spoke specifically about AB Plus’s sophisticated loyalty program, the new concepts and new product categories, as well as the impressive technological applications we will soon see in chain stores. The special event culminated with the announcement of the company’s commitment to the environment & the message it sends us all to follow and #allazoumesinitheies today for a better tomorrow.

In detail the company commitments
Advanced loyalty program
For AB Vassilopoulos, every customer is unique. The company is developing its AB Plus loyalty program, and is developing a more personal, quality contact with its customers, as everyone can now receive targeted content and offers tailored to their needs and customer preferences.

The shopping trip to AB becomes, therefore, a very personal experience. An experience that can start wherever its customer is and end up in either the online world of the company through click2shop, or in the physical store and even with the extra bonus points on his AB Plus card.

New concepts and new product categories
Responding to the needs and desires of the modern consumer, AB Vassilopoulos is soon bringing new concepts and new product categories to specially designed spaces in its stores.

Harmony : Specialty Healthy Space featuring organic & specialty foods such as vegans, gluten-free, low-fat, high-protein, sugar-free, environmentally friendly products and herbal cosmetics.
Juice bar : for customers who want to enjoy fresh natural juices and healthy smoothies, either making their own fruit and vegetable combinations, or choosing from AB’s recommendations.
La Fromagerie : A specially designed space with a wide selection of fine cheeses from around the world. Specialist will inform you about the specifics and tastes of each product, suggest combinations with sausages and wine pairing suggestions for special or everyday situations.
AB Ready Meals : In specially designed venues, customers can already choose their favorite dish from the wide and varied AB You’ll love range with the signature of Akis Petretzikis.
Grab & Go : A new place for every customer to enjoy something fast and delicious on the go.

New technology applications for even better service
For AB, technology remains a strong ally, further enhancing its customer relationship. The new technology applications it brings to its stores aim at an even better service and enhanced shopping experience.

Kiosks (Digital Information Points) for promotions, useful information, games, new products and recipes.
Digital screens , where customers can view offers and useful information on company products, news and services.
Priority ordering mechanism , with mobile alert to save time inside the AB store.
Automatic funds for fast and easy integration of daily purchases, with cash or card.
Pepper , the friendly robot that will welcome and serve those who trust AB Hellenic and AB Macedonia stores.

“#Allazoumesinithies for the environment and society”
With this phrase, AB Vassilopoulos President and CEO Vassilis Stavrou announced the company’s strong commitment:

Reduce food waste by 50% by 2025 , increasing food donations to our bodies and fellow human beings who really need it, investigating food waste in its own supply chain in collaboration with Harokopio University, evaluating its internal processes in collaboration with WWF and establishing the 1st Food Wasting Alliance in partnership with Boroumé.
Reduce plastic by 50% by 2025 by removing disposable plastics sold in its network stores by 2020, reducing the weight of plastic in many packaging and replacing 100% of other plastic packaging with recyclable, recyclable packaging or compostable material.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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