Access road to Xi beach still does not have top surfacing works completed!

Ladies and gentlemen in recent months we have received intense concern from our members who maintain tourism businesses in the area of ​​Xi beach as on the only road leading to the spot works were carried out which have stopped for six months leaving the road without asphalt making access to the area particularly difficult and dangerous.

Safe access to the Xi area must be restored immediately, not only to serve businesses, employees and visitors, but especially for area residents who to get home breathe the dust from the unpaved road also being first challenged. damage to their vehicles.

Xi beach which is the forefront of the tourist product in Paliki is an attraction for which visitors come from all over Kefalonia, and this year we risk being irreparably exposed to the condition of the road, with unpredictable consequences for the coming years from the negative visitor comments on social networks and platforms.

Professionals up to a week ago, received assurances that the project would be completed before the start of the tourist season which unfortunately was not observed.

Please inform us about the work schedule and the expected completion date of the project as well as the actions you have taken to ensure that the project will be completed immediately.

The Presidents of Kefalonia-Ithaca Hoteliers Association

Kefalonia & Ithaca Tourist Accommodation Federation

Gerasimos Timotheatos

Dimitris Atsaros

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