According to public hospital workers, free health care for the uninsured is not affected by the Ministry of Health’s circular.

The free treatment of uninsured is not affected by the circular of the Ministry of Health, to the administrations of the Health Regions for the recovery of hospitalization by patients from the European Union or third countries, reports the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Public Hospitals (WHO). The Federation calls on the Ministry of Health ‘to make it clear immediately that this document does not restrict the legal refugees (resident permits)  and immigrants who continue to be entitled to free medical care as provided by law. Also, emergencies are entitled to access to and access to health facilities without any hindrance. “

“Certainly for the citizens of the European Union and third countries the procedure for collecting benefits received from the National Health System should be initiated. Just like we Greeks pay (6% healthcare, taxes, contributions), “the Federation emphasises.

He adds that European citizens have a sickness insurance card (EHIC) and the money will have to be raised by the EOPYY submitted by the Health Units. Third-country nationals who are not entitled to free health care under the current institutional framework must cover their hospital expenses through their insurance, POEDIN notes, stressing that “no liability should be claimed for the benefits of the scarce benefits.” hospitals for some who refuse to comply. “

source – news247

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