Achaia: The village that was “sacrificed” to Provide Water for Patras

Lunar landscape in Tosses village (Photo: haanity / Youtube)

At the end of the month a major project is expected to be completed in order to solve the water supply problem in Patras and all Western Achaia.

It is the Peiros – Paraporti dam, which was auctioned in 2005 and its construction was started in 2006 by Engineering SA. The project, which in the past has encountered many obstacles and problems that have delayed the completion of its work, includes the exploitation of the waters of the River Peira and the Parapirous tributary, which will be fed into the dam.

In order to carry out this great work, it was necessary to “sacrifice” the village of Toscs, in the prefecture of Achaia, which today resembles a “lunar landscape”.

In a few months, even the few ruins remaining from the village and its two churches will be flooded as the work of the project that will quench Patras and Western Achaia and will help in the tourist development of the region after 14 years .

With the completion of the dam, an artificial lake will be created, which will flood the village of Toscsas, located at the eastern ends of the village of Kombonouni and at the southern outskirts of the Faros plain, which has been deserted since 2009 for him reason.

The haanity channel on YouTube has captured stunning images of the wild beauty of the village, which will soon not exist.


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