Additional Blue flag beaches in Kefalonia this year

This year’s tourist year is coming to an end.

A season marked by the unprecedented global health   crisis of Covid -19, which resulted in a significant reduction in the number of visitors across the country, cessation of work for tourist units and businesses, a ban on cruising, restrictive measures and of course great economic hardship in all public and private sectors.

However, the awarding of the shores of our Municipality with a Blue Flag was not only not affected by the negative developments, on the contrary, it showed substantial progress.

The Municipality of Argostoli, in these difficult economic and organizational conditions, maintained the 11 Blue Flags it had in 2019 and at the same time organized and submitted a candidacy for 4 additional Blue Flags. Two (2) on the beach of Skala, and one each in Ragia Beach (Poros) and Agia Helis Beach (Svoronata).


It should be emphasized here that, for 2021, five (5) new beaches have already been selected for application and relevant actions have been taken!

With combined actions of local Presidents and Deputy Mayors, with the help of companies operating on the award-winning coasts with the contribution of special advisors, all together, it   proves that if we want we can contribute together to the development of our Municipality and our island.

Faithful to the announcements of our program, the institution of the Blue Flag, which is a priority for us both for the strengthening of our tourist product and for the protection of the environment, is based on a development plan so that in four years the Municipality of Argostoli has awarded more than 20 Blue Flag beaches.

 The deputy mayor 

 George Tsilimidos

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