ADEDY: Demonstration on the tragic situation at Argostoli Hospital

For clarification on Press Release source ADEDY is The Civil Servants’ Confederation (Greek: Ανώτατη Διοίκηση Ενώσεων Δημοσίων Υπαλλήλων) mostly known by its acronym ADEDY (Α.Δ.Ε.Δ.Υ) is a trade union centre in Greece. 

Prefecture of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY 


No legalization in the tragic situation of the Hospital, no tolerance and waiting !!!

Demonstration of the situation at the Kefalonia General Hospital (KGI) and other health structures of the Prefecture was held by the Executive Secretariat (KG) of the Kefalonia – Ithaca Prefecture Department of ADEDY. On behalf of the EU, positions have been put in place to fully meet the modern needs of the people in health care and hospitalization, through an exclusively public and free health system, which will have all the necessary staffing and infrastructure. In particular, information was requested on the current situation and on the actions of the government – administration in order to address the acute problems. 
Based on the information provided by the commander, the OP estimates the following:
1. No care has been taken and no measures have been taken to operate the Hospital (it operates with 40% of the medical and 30% of the nursing staff) not only during the summer months, where it is burdened by a multitude of visitors. and tourists, but also for its overall course and existence in the future. The new ND government, which has been unreliable in questioning and describing health problems in the county before the election, has now indulged in a marathon of letters to the administration, allegedly to update and “gnaw” the year. Continuity and staffing are applicable to large shark investments in the Greek and elsewhere, while social services are constantly called for ‘time credit’.
2. The ND government is making the cardboard use of insularity and deliberately segregating the needs of the fixed and the ’emergency’, that is, the needs for hospital survival. The kick-off was given at the meeting of the ND MP from the Prefecture with the Minister of Health Mr. Kikkilia, where the whole debate was on the need for a physician to be seconded and the appointment of a radiologist to meet the needs !!! In this way the ND wants to cultivate a hypocritical interest in the people, to prioritize the coverage of the needs of business groups at the expense of health – education – welfare, and to add to a health system moving to the limits of existence or not. It is also preparing a new organization for the Hospital that will provide even more restrictive staffing on the way to previous reductions. The new government continues the work of the former ND – PASOK governments and the other forces that are on the path of capitalist development and of SYRIZA. It is precisely on the works and days of the monopoly left, the EU and NATO, the memorandum obligations, to perpetuate shortages, underfunding and underfunding and to enlarge the private health sector, next to the private economic operation of public structures. It is typical that doctors and nursing staff are again blamed for “not even applying for auxiliary staff”, hiding that no measures are taken for human working conditions,
3. It is the obligation of the government – administration, on the one hand, to take immediate action to fully staff and cover the missing staff. Instead, today only part of the staff corresponds to the current rules of procedure. The situation with the fate of the call for auxiliary staff, the expiry of the contracts of four Nurses of KELPNO in August and the expiry of February of the OAED contracts involving eleven to sixteen persons, lead the situation to alarm. Instead of positive for the people of measures, therefore, new concessions are being added with the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) being virtually led to suspend any prospect and the donor to be driven to meet operational needs in conjunction with the creation of an Emergency Incident Unit (IT). Similarly, there is no talk about the operation of the psychiatric clinic, which is necessary, as was shown by the victims we had in the Prefecture. In addition, nothing is heard about EKAB, whose operation is tragically limited. Correspondingly, the problems persist and sharpen at the Manzavinateio Hospital of Lixouri and in all structures.
The AD Kefalonia-Ithaca DG of ADEDY calls on the people to organize their fight without waiting and spending time in the new government. To claim what it needs without discounts. The full coverage of the IGC and other structures in permanent staff, the resumption of pre-2012 operating (reduced) levels, the suspension of permanent staff mobility and ensuring human working conditions are in the hands of the people and no one factor. In this regard, the OL will take new initiatives. 
Argostoli 07/08/2019


The President The Secretary 
Dimitris Mantzouratos Sofia Misailidou

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