ADEDY for the state of Health in our Prefecture (Kefalonia & Ithaca)

Prefectural Department (NT) of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY


The Prefectural Department of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY calls on the people of our islands to respond to the ongoing challenge of the government, to leave it dangerously exposed in the pandemic, continuing and deepening the devaluation of the public health structures of the prefecture.

In the midst of a pandemic and while one after the other the few beds available at the Argostoli Hospital (11 only), are occupied daily by covid patients,
• Government and 6th RAE have left the Pathological Clinic WITHOUT PATHOLOGIST for almost two months now, and are trying to convince the people that it works excellently with visiting doctors (10 days – a month) and trainees. Without a doubt about the self-sacrifice of these doctors, the clinic does not work like this and in fact with increased demands at unprecedented levels due to the situation.
• the minimum (less than 40% of the organization chart) intensified permanent Medical and nursing staff selflessly sacrifices the battle without any substantial state support,
• the elasticized auxiliary nursing staff remains unpaid for months !!!
• Air transport is unable to carry out air travel due to bad weather,
• there are long delays until ICU beds are found in other hospitals in the country,
• lives of our fellow citizens are lost because they did not manage to reach another unit.
This is a complete bankruptcy of the policy pursued by all the governments we have met so far in this country, with all the characteristics of an ongoing horrific crime against the people.
The previous governments and the previous governments and the previous governments and the current N.D., have been put to do white black. They talk about recruitment and upgrading of health structures on the island while few doctors are currently serving. They lead step by step the public health and its structures nationwide and locally to total devaluation, in order to realize their strategic goal, that is, to find fertile ground for the investments of various business groups in the sector, but also to save resources for their subsidy.
The above tragic situation in our prefecture reveals the great contradiction of the time, on the one hand all the above problems and even more and on the other hand the current scientific possibilities and the modern medical and scientific achievements to be at unprecedented levels. The vaccines against the new coronavirus, for example, which were produced in record time, instead of being given directly and en masse to the people, become a commercial game in the hands of companies and states, increasing the lives and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people because they είναι own them!
This is how they all perceive our life and health, a cold capitalist and criminal “cost-benefit” management.
As N.T. Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY we consider that this situation does not go any further!
The workers and all the people in these difficult conditions can not wait.

We demand:
• Immediate supply and availability of all safe and effective vaccines for mass vaccination of the population. Reinforcement of all the Health Centers of our islands by recruiting the necessary permanent staff of all specialties, so that they function as vaccination centers. To solve now the situation that the government has created with its responsibility, with the obstacles it puts in the vaccination of 60-64 years old, sending them from all parts of the island to Sami!
• Take special measures for the pandemic (recording of all positive cases detected by free rapid and PCR test together, so that the tracing can be done immediately).
• To cover all our modern needs in exclusively public, free, upgraded health with permanent staff, based on what is really needed, in the Hospitals, the primary health structures, the EKAB etc. Permanence of all the auxiliaries and contractors of all branches.
• To operate immediately as provided by the organization chart Pathological with fast track procedures and not wishes and gossip.
• To operate the ICU here and now and to return all its beds that had been assigned to other hospitals.
• To make the payment of accrued salaries in December of the auxiliary staff as well as accrued hours and overtime of the Nursing and other staff of the Hospital.
• Unconditional extension of private clinics for as long as necessary, both for the treatment of Covid patients and for the treatment of patients with other diseases.

The General Secretary of NT Kefalonia – Ithaca of ADEDY, expresses its support and solidarity to all health workers nationwide and in our prefecture, who fight daily. Welcomes their involvement on Tuesday 23 February within the 6-hour Panhellenic Work Stoppage (9: 00-15: 00) of POEDIN and the Panhellenic Strike of OENGE and invites all public unions, all colleagues, along with all the people of the Prefecture, to continue more decisively the struggle and the claim of our just demands
ARGOSTOLI 19/2/2020

The President The Secretary
Dimitris Mantzouratos Sofia Misailidou

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