ADEDY of Kefalonia: NOW !! Lifting the constitutional ban on the establishment of all contract staff

This probably wont effect many of you but has been sent directly to The Kefalonia Pulse and as we progress our aspiration of building greater symbiotic relationships we are publicising it to our readers.

It is from the equivalent of the UK The Civil Servants union on the island which includes teachers and talks about further action on 30th January, as this already an Observance day for schools it should not create any additional disturbance.

ADEDY of Kefalonia: NOW !! Lifting the constitutional ban on the establishment of all contract staff

Prefectural Department (NT) of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY



The ADEDY of Kefalonia-Ithaca’s NGC supports the initiative taken by federations and public unions in order to form a proposal for a claim for the permanent establishment of the contract and the lifting of the relevant constitutional ban. In this context, we will participate in the wide – open meeting of the Clubs and Public Federations on Wednesday, January 30, at 6.00 pm, at the NOVOTEL Hotel in Athens. 
You co-workers, colleagues. 
In recent years, all civil servants, permanent and contractual, have experienced important struggles for the right to permanent and stable work.
Virtually thousands of colleagues working from local authorities, hospitals, and recently from Education, and other government sectors, went down the streets and demanded the permanent establishment of all those people who actually fill the gaps and needs of the State. 
Every time we were on the streets, we received from the competent ministers of the governments that “contracts can not be converted into IACS, they can not be fixed by the contract because they prohibit specific paragraphs contained in Article 103 of the Constitution.”
These days the government brings to Parliament the revision of the Constitution. “Here is Rhodes, here is the jump”. Now the government has the “knife and melon”. Ends pretensions and false pretensions. It must go directly to the constitutional safeguarding of the universal human right to work and hence to the establishment of contract staff. 
We call upon all the Boards of the State Societies of the NB’s responsibility, as well as all the Contributory Struggle Committees, to adopt the following proposal and to attend with decisions and with their representative on January 30 at 6 pm at the Novotel Hotel at the wide- where we will discuss the “proposal to lift the constitutional ban”, as well as the escalation of the struggle and the definition of racing mobilizations.
We agree that the wording should be as follows and we propose that it be adopted by the public sector organizations in Kefalonia and Ithaca: 
“The right to work, stable and permanent work is non-negotiable and guaranteed for all employees. Therefore, Article 103 and the Constitution as a whole deprive any provision which prevents or cancels this right, which prohibits the conversion of contracts to an indefinite period. 
It is now enshrined in the Constitution and it is obligatory for all public services to establish all contract persons without any terms and conditions. ” 
The proposal will be submitted directly to the Bureau of the Parliament and to all parties other than the fascist Nazi Golden Dawn. 
Argostoli 23/01/2019

The Chairman The Secretary 
Dimitris Manzouratos Sophia Misailidou

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