Aegean: Suspend Flights abroad until April 30th

Due to the dispersal of Covid-19, travel restrictions from Greece, the EU and third countries, as well as the current activation of further emergency measures by the Greek state, AEGEAN announces that it is obliged to suspend its international service 26 / 3.

This suspension is a priority for the safety of its passengers and employees but, of course, for the sustainability of its business.

Specifically, from Thursday 26 March until 30 April, all overseas flights from all bases of the company are suspended. Only a small number of weekly flights from Athens to Brussels will be operated, in order to maintain the country’s connectivity with the EU administrative center.

Earlier, following today’s Civil Protection Agency (NOTAM) directive, all flights to and from England will be suspended from tomorrow (the last flights to / from London will take place today 23 March).

Aegean: 8 return flights have already been made
It should be noted that AEGEAN, in cooperation with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will continue, if requested by the authorities, to carry out special flights for the repatriation of Greek citizens or for any other emergencies that may arise. It is noted that 8 repatriation flights have already taken place from Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and Georgia on behalf of the Greek State and 1 flight from London to Larnaca on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus.

AEGEAN informs that, at present, a low frequency domestic flight program is maintained at all network destinations, with the sole purpose of assisting in the specific movement of persons and materials needed to meet basic needs.

For information on flight cancellations and the acquisition of the special credit voucher already offered by the company, passengers are kindly requested to visit as all relevant updates and procedures are available online.


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