After click away, shopping by appointment in stores

Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis spoke about retail, catering and the next step for market opening

For the next step in retail  and the opening of stores, given the beginning of the discount period , spoke the Deputy Minister of Development, Nikos Papathanasis ,  explaining that after the click away, it is the turn of the markets with  appointments  within  the stores . Mr. Papathanasis, referring to the  restaurant , noted that it is too early to talk about opening  due to coronavirus cases and, as everything shows, the lockdown  in the restaurant will continue. 

“Many restaurants in the catering industry operate with take away, so they have a function, but clearly this is a subset of normal operation. As we move towards the end and while the measures are running and any other measures announced soon, we will take stock and see exactly the support needed. However, because catering is very important and accounts for about 40% of the economy, the government will stand by it because it has been closed for a long time. “It is too early to talk about opening the restaurant “, said Mr. Papathanasis.

After click away, shopping by appointment at the store

Regarding retail , the Deputy Minister of Development, speaking to SKAI, stressed that the discounts started today and clearly the commercial world is worried, but health is paramount. “We are waiting for the scientists’ decisions on whether there is room for increased mobility with any market opening,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Development would do everything it could to support the commercial world.

“In addition to the measures, which are continuing, with the first possibility that can be given to open the delivery outside , it will be done. The ministry has both the rules and the measures that it can operate. ” Click away was a measure , which worked effectively, there was an additional turnover, as the transport companies could not deliver,” he said. Mr. Papathanasis even said that the next stage after click away, will be the appointment inside the store. “The appointment can be with one or more people, depending on the area of ​​the store,” he noted.

Plan for opening stores

The government has a plan to open stores during the discount period, while priority will be given to supporting the clothing and footwear sectors, as Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis stated earlier. He noted that the public health measures have a huge financial cost, but the government has complete control over the economy and assured that “we will not find ourselves with either memoranda or bankruptcy”, referring to the consequences of the coronavirus. He told traders that the government has a plan and will not leave anyone without support.

Mr. Georgiadis noted that he shares the concerns of traders as their activities are not open to discounts, but explained that the government will correct it and that it has a plan, noting that both he and the Prime Minister are closely monitoring developments and discussing with the Committee of Infectious Diseases. The Minister of Development was asked whether the government can take responsibility for opening stores and whether the stores can be opened strictly by appointment of customers to receive products, ie by click away . “All scenarios are being examined,” replied Adonis Georgiadis He added: “We understand the people in the market, I share their concerns. The fact that they did not open this week, when the discounts would normally start, is a very big problem, we will correct it as soon as possible “.

He noted that “we talked a lot with the committee last week, we will talk again this week. Both the Minister of Development and the Prime Minister are closely following the progress of the project. There is a plan, give a few more days for it to be implemented “.

New measures for small shops

Mr. Georgiadis announced new measures for small shops in the coming days, saying that priority will be given to the clothing and footwear sectors as they have suffered the most damage. He himself, speaking on SKAI radio, assured that the government has a plan and asked the traders for time credit to implement it.


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