After Kefalonia, new interest in connecting Messolonghi with Zakynthos

Shortly after the shipowner’s announcement of the sea connection of Messolonghi with the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca was submitted, a new application was submitted to the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy asking for the approval of another shipping line.

It is the coastal connection of Messolonghi with Zakynthos (first informed by AICHI here ) by the shipping company “Crystal Lines  , with a catamaran passenger / ferry. This states the beginning date of the daily routes one by May 2019.

Following this development, Nikos Karapanos , Mayor of Messolonghi, said: ” Mesolonghi harbor is gradually turning into a business attraction. The great opening of the channel, which is in progress and intensified, is a valuable infrastructure for the city’s maritime front . The connection between Messolonghi and the Ionian Islands (a demand for many decades) is possible with a serious and realistic planning. Of course, we welcome Messolonghi’s coastal wisdom with Zakynthos, feeling once again as a municipal authority of the developments . “

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