Agios Gerasimos, Kefalonia (drone video)

Saint Gerasimos, born in 1503 in Trikala, Thessaly, is the patron saint of Kefalonia.

Saint Gerasimos was ordained a monk on Mount Athos then went to Jerusalem where he lived for 12 years, moved to Crete and Zakynthos to finally reach Kefalonia where he died on August 15, 1579.

He was proclaimed a Saint in 1622.

The first 5 years in Kefalonia  Saint Gerasimos lived in a cave in Lassi. This cave can be visited today and has natural daylight and sea views.

In 1560, Saint Gerasimos founded a nunnery in the valley of the Omala in central Kefalonia, and named it New Jerusalem.

The monastery is located below the imposing Mount Ainos and near the villages of Fragata and Valsamata.Today the monastery has been reconstructed. It is an imposing building with a newly built church.

Below the monastery there is a cave with two rooms that used to be the house of the Saint. The only way to access this cave is through a large hole.

The monastery is considered one of the holiest pilgrimages of Kefalonia hosting many visitors. A small church has been built in Agios Gerasimos above the tomb and the cave of Agios.

The Saint had also planted a plane tree that survives to this day in the monastery.

On the day of his feast August 16, there is a magnificent litany to celebrate the saint’s death in which his sarcophagus is paraded and placed under the plane tree. 


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