Ainos Management Body accredited to join two pan European environmental organisations and working towards further accreditation’s shortly.

Press release

SUBJECT: Managing Member of two pan-European environmental organizations, EUROSITE and EUROPARC.

Following the successful evaluation of the applications / dossiers of the Ainos National Park Management Agency, a particularly important extra action is now a fact, after the Agency has managed to join two international protected area networks, EUROPARC ( ) and EUROSITE ( ).

Suffice it to say that the members of EUROPARC are 380 protected areas from 37 European and World countries and EUROSITE has over 56 organizations from 21 European countries. The two organizations above are the largest European networks of bodies, both public and private or other non-governmental organizations that promote practical issues for the management of the natural environment in Europe.

The Management Body also looks forward to joining two other international organizations, MedPAN ( ) for the protection and management of biodiversity in the Mediterranean coastal and marine protected areas, as well as the International Night Protection Organization. (International Dark Sky Association) ( ), aiming to proclaim the National Park of Ainos as “Dark Sky Park” and a vision of protecting the dark sky as a resource, development of information / awareness-raising actions with astronomical observation and special / thematic tourism attraction.

In addition, with the involvement of the Management Body in the networks, it will be possible to develop better cooperation with other European National Parks, with the aim of exchanging views, improving management practices, training and training of the Agency’s staff, good use natural resources, effective communication with visitors about the particular features of each area. The participation of the Management Body in these European networks will also have multiple benefits for the local community of Kefalonia, since members of the Board of Directors. and Management Agency staff will be able to discuss with scientists / European protected area managers about common problems related to tourism product improvement, promotion of the area, certification of local products etc.,

The multiple benefits arising from the involvement of the Management Body in international networks, both for the Agency itself, for the protected areas of Kefalonia-Ithaca and for the local community, will be presented at a special thematic workshop to be held on 19 October. 2019 in Argostoli with the participation of internationally renowned scientists and representatives of protected area networks and management bodies. The event will take place in the framework of the measure “Financial Support for Outsourced Actions 2019”, funded by the Green Fund. Details of the event will be announced in a press release next year.

Finally, we look forward to a lasting and fruitful collaboration with public and private entities, but also with all users of the Kefalonia-Ithaca protected areas, always aiming for the maximum benefit of the areas and the local community.

The President of the Board of Directors of the 
Managing Authority of Ainos National Park

Dr. George Drakatos 
Research Director of the 
National Observatory of Athens

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