Ainos National Park Educational Visits


The Organization of the Management of the National Park of Ainos in the framework of the implementation of environmental education actions hosted the 5th Kindergarten of Argostoli on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. approximately eighty students of the Kindergarten, accompanied by the Kindergarten teachers, paid a visit to the Headquarters of the Ainos National Park Management Body in Argostoli.

The purpose of the visit was for the students to get to know the facilities of the Management Body, to learn about the rich biodiversity of the National Park of Ainos, to learn about issues of protection of wetlands and the environment. the birds of the Lagoon of Koutavos were constantly noticed by the telescope and informed of its importance, as well as the threats received by the Operator’s Supervisory/Guard staff.

The actions of environmental information of the Agency are an opportunity for experiences and activities, which primarily bring children and adults to know and contact with the magic of the natural environment, but also by highlighting the imperative need of harmonious coexistence of man with nature.




The Chairman of his Board of Directors

Ainou National Park Management Body

Dr. Georgios Drakatos

Director of Research

National Observatory of Athens

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