Air Accident at Naxos Airport -Resulting in the plane ending up in a ditch [images]

The aircraft was in the ditch after incorrect handling during the taxiing process. The Civil Aviation Authority informs that “at 17:30 on Friday, July 12, 2019, an ART42 propeller aircraft, during his taxi ride to take off , was off the runway.”

“The airport authorities were immediately mobilized and the 46 passengers together with the 3-man flight crew (code GQ 405) from Naxos to Athens vacated the plane from the ladder without any injury being recorded. According to the airport’s airport’s Naxos airport, at the moment of the accident, the Fire Brigade, an ambulance of the EKAB for every possibility and the Hellenic Police, was found.

According to Mr. Ioannis Lidakis, commercial director of the Company, the causes of the event are investigated according to the procedures, while the company has taken care of the transfer of all passengers to their final destination by alternative means.

The incident resulted in the closure of Naxos airport for the rest of the day – which is expected to resume tomorrow Saturday – and the cancellation of Olympic Air flight from Athens to the island. Approximately 40 Sky Express passengers were transported by bus to the port of Naxos where they departed for Athens.

At 20:30 in the evening, a helicopter arrived on the island and a special crane vehicles provided by the island’s operators to safely remove the plane from the runway.

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