Air Bridges – Early signs of common sense appearing from the UK for agreement by end of June

Boris Johnson has revived hopes that an overseas summer holiday could still be on the cards in 2020, after suggesting that the UK could have ‘air bridge’ agreements in place by June 29.

Air bridges would allow British holidaymakers to travel to certain countries without the need to quarantine on arrival, or when they return home.

Speaking last night at the Commons Liaison Committee, the Prime Minister said he wanted to keep “flows as generous as we can.”

The Conservative chair of the transport select committee, Huw Merriman, asked:  “Many people have commented that a sensible regime would look at the countries and their R rate and if it’s below ours, then there should be no need for quarantine.

“Whilst that may not be possible for June 8, will that be possible for the next three week period which is June 29, to allow those buying cheaper flights for their summer holidays, which have gone on sale today, to be removed from the threat of quarantine?”

To this Mr Johnson replied: “Yes, absolutely – we want to make sure we use the three-week reviews to be sensible – we want to drive the R down as fast as we can in this country and to have as sensible a quarantine scheme as possible and to keep flows as generous as we can.”

The Prime Minister added that the UK will have to make progress in tackling the disease, and to have evidence that other countries are in as good a position as the UK, before any air bridges could be agreed.

As it stands, British holidaymakers must go into a compulsory 14-day quarantine when returning to the UK, as of June 8. Failure to observe the rules could result in a £1,000 fixed-penalty notice in England. The Foreign Office currently advises against all but essential travel.

Wondering which countries the UK might form an air bridge with? We have analysed the chances of a summer holiday in France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

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