Airbnb Rules: The first three measures the government is preparing

His own Airbnb- type short-term roadmap is preparing to file with the government’s financial staff, along with the tourism ministry’s task force.

As the tourism ministry sources in iefimerida point out, there will be no change in the current tourist season, but by autumn, the “landscape” of Airbnb and short-term leases in Greece is expected to change significantly.

According to reliable information, the government staff does not intend to enforce the ministerial decisions issued by the SYRIZA government, which provided for a severe “branding” of owners of real estate on platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.

Measures examined and “cut”
These measures, which were put on the dialogue table a few days ago – and rejected – provided for:

• Set a limit of two properties per taxpayer of income taxpayer.

• Do not allow the rental of property for more than 90 days per calendar year (ie from 1 January to 31 December).

• To enable a tenant to lease a property for more than 90 days, prove that his total income from renting real estate through Airbnb or similar platform does not exceed € 12,000 per year.

The three axes of the regulatory framework: Directly outside Airbnb and Booking thousands of undisclosed properties
The holistic government plan for Airbnb and short-term leases is expected to be ready in the coming months. So far, according to iefimerida, three measures have passed the first “tests” of consultation with finance and tourism ministries.

These measures, in order of priority, are:

1) Strict tax compliance – Off the platform undeclared

The government office already has 20,000 listings listed on Airbnb and, in addition, 10,000 properties offered through Booking that do not have a Real Estate Number (AMA) – and are virtually undeclared.

These properties are expected to be “violently” off the platform in the coming months, in a business run by the Independent Public Revenue Office (AAD) .

2) Airbnb security specifications

Following international standards, Greece will acquire a special regulation on real estate offered on Airbnb and Booking in the fall. The regulation will set specific security standards for real estate (ed: it is recalled that in Greece there are even registrations for… tents ) and it is estimated that as soon as it is in force, several more real estate will be cut off the platforms.

3) Property and visitor insurance

The third measure planned by the government staff relates to real estate and visitor insurance. To date, the platform ( Airbnb , Booking, Homeaway) acts as an intermediary, with “debt” insurance . The same is true of any injuries to visitors who subsequently seek compensation from the owner. This “gap” is expected to be rectified by special provisions that will provide – even mandatory – insurance coverage for both guests and property and owners.

Note that executives from the finance and tourism ministries are receiving suggestions from real estate market representatives to tax the fixed costs of Airbnb owners, such as water, electricity, municipal fees and utilities.

Taxes on Airbnb will not increase
Government spokesman Stelios Petsas also referred to the issue of short-term leases . Asked about the government’s plan for Airbnb, Mr Petsas stressed that “we do not intend to raise taxes”, but noted that “the short-term lease framework needs to be regulated. The instructions given by the Prime Minister to both the Minister of Tourism and the Chief Financial Officer are to make this overall adjustment to the short-term lease framework after the end of the tourist season. The goal is transparency, fair taxation and no distortion of competition, “the government spokesman added.

It is recalled that the explosive proportions of the Airbnb phenomenon are attributed to the “monstrous” increases in rental rates observed over the last year. Short-term leases are also ‘blamed’ for damage to the student housing market , where there is also a large increase in rents.

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