Alarm in Kythera – Forest burns, Fire Brigade strengthened

A large fire broke out late last night in Kythera and this morning the Fire Brigade reinforced forces on the burning front.

Although the fire does not threaten a residential area , firefighters are concerned that the flames are burning forest in an inaccessible and inaccessible spot on a ridge, where they cannot attempt ground forces and wait for dawn for the aerial firefighters to arrive.

So this morning the Fire Department decided to step up its forces against the flames. There are now 25 firefighters with 12 vehicles and 2 hiking teams with 12 firefighters. A total of 40 firefighters operate with 19 vehicles, 2 hiking groups, 1 tanker and 2 OTA earthmoving machines.

Gepostet von PhotoCerigo am Samstag, 24. August 2019

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