Alarm in the islands of Thassos, Naxos and Evia for the first imported cases – What do the mayors say

An alarm has been sounding since yesterday on three islands in Greece, as local media have reported cases, some of which are asymptomatic.Tourists in Thassos, Naxos and Evia were particularly positive about the coronaio, with the result that the health authorities mobilized immediately.

And while experts have said in recent days that it is particularly positive that most cases are detected and isolated at the border, it now appears that small but worrying outbreaks on the islands are not just a future scenario.

Of course, the eyes of the experts have been focused for days on the number of imported cases, which in recent days has exceeded that of imported ones.

For their part, the special ranks of EODY carry out intensive checks at airports, ports and land borders even at night.

The first cases in Paggaio and Thassos from tourists who came for holidays

With two announcements, the municipalities of Thassos and Paggaio confirmed last night the cases of corona that were found in tourists who are on vacation in the area.

The four cases on the island of Thassos have already been identified and put under restraint at the quarantine hotel, while the two cases in the municipality of Paggaio are for visitors who spent the weekend in coastal areas and returned to their homeland.

Yesterday afternoon, a teleconference was organized by the Deputy Regional Governor of Kavala, Costas Antoniadis, and was attended by the four mayors of the regional unit and the director of the Health Department, Christos Papadopoulos. The mayors were informed about the cases found in the area.

The confirmation of the cases on the island of Thassos was made by samples taken during their entry into our country by Serbian and Bulgarian tourists. It is pointed out that these tourists are asymptomatic and have been transferred according to the instructions and supervision of EODY at the quarantine hotel.

The mayors are demanding that the measures be taken

The mayor of the island, Lefteris Kyriakidis, stressed that “we are going through a different tourist season for Thassos. The arrival of tourists on the island of Thassos, makes it imperative to comply with all individual protection measures and the faithful implementation of health protocols. We face every particular situation calmly and responsibly. ”

The municipality of Paggaio with an announcement asks the professionals and the citizens to strictly observe all the health protocols for their protection and the protection of the visitors of the area.

The president of the Medical Association of Kavala, Anastasia Antoniou – Pougoura, speaking to APE – BPE, points out that she is in constant communication with all the involved administrative and health authorities. “Our region, he said, relies heavily on tourism and was next to have some cases, despite the fact that all these months both Kavala and Thassos had not presented any. However, in no case should this situation affect us and panic us. I think that with composure, with readiness and if we all adhere to security measures, we can overcome any problem. If each of us complies with all the prescribed safety measures, he first protects his health and consequently the health of those around him. In this context, we must keep our distance.

Ms. Antoniou also points out that the use of a mask should be necessary in public transport and especially on ships as the distances are short and there is always the risk of transmission. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

The first “imported” case in Naxos

The first imported case of coronavirus appeared yesterday in Naxos.

According to information from, this is a Greek doctor who lives in England and visited the island with his underage daughter for a vacation.

The Greek doctor arrived in Greece four days ago by plane from England, via Serbia and at the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport he tested for the coronavirus. As they informed him, they would notify him of the results.

On Sunday he arrived in Naxos and specifically in Moutsouna where he had rented a room for his stay.

Yesterday afternoon, he received a phone call from EODY announcing that the test was positive. The competent authorities were immediately informed and the doctor went (in a car he had rented to the island) at 8:00 pm at the quarantine hotel in Naxos, together with his daughter.

Evia: Serbian couple in a coronation, hospitalized by taxi

Finally, as it became known yesterday, an alarm was sounded to the health authorities of Central Greece, as the case of the corona in a group of travelers from Serbia was confirmed in Edipsos.

According to, a man from the group around 50, felt unwell and went to the Istiaia Health Center. Ignoring the health protocols, he was sent to Lamia Hospital with his wife, by taxi! Arriving at Lamia Hospital, they were given a molecular test that showed that they were suffering from covid-19.

He and his wife traveled from the Balkans to Greece with a group of 20 people and ended up in a hotel in Edipsos.

Naturally, the Civil Protection and the General Directorate of Health and Social Welfare of the PSTE started a road race to track the contacts of the two Serbs and mainly to locate the taxi driver who transported them to Lamia Hospital.

At the same time, the Lamia Hospital is examining where the incident, which presents symptoms, but mild, of the disease will be treated. It is noted that his wife is asymptomatic.

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