Alert for Brexit and Greece – Who are affected

Alarm for Brexit and Greece – Photo AP

“The situation is marginal” admitted a community source to the Iefimerida, after Teresa Mei’s second defeat in the British Parliament, thus increasing the chances of the undesirable Brexit .

Although international analysts are betting that London will eventually call for a little or longer prolongation of the process, the same community source notes that “this will be seen at the end of the last minute of the negotiation,” shortly before the deadline of 29 March expires.

In Greece , as usual, everybody lives in their microcosm, and few are those who have begun to look for the consequences of an abrupt withdrawal of the British from the Union, a development that will cause serious problems at least to businesses that have direct commercial relations with the Island . It is indicative that if you exclude the special website for Brexit, which has been set up by the Foreign Ministry and the recent circular of the AAD to the Customs, information for citizens and businesses is rather rudimentary.

According to a special note from the Office of Economic Affairs of the Greek Embassy in London, although the United Kingdom is one of Greece’s most traditional partners as it is heading towards the EU exit without a clear picture of its future trade relationship with the Member States -member, any forecast for the future is risky. As the Office points out, it is undeniable that a possible return to trade under World Trade Organization rules would have serious negative effects on our country’s basic export products.

Sectors such as pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment (mainly cables and telephones) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper) account for 13%, 13% and 12% respectively of the current decade, while corresponding dynamism since 2000, the dairy (yoghurt) and plastic sectors, which had a low presence before, also show.

What will happen to those working in London?

There are also many questions for those who are already working or planning to work in the United Kingdom. According to the relevant Foreign Ministry’s instructions, in the event of non-agreement, trade relations between the United Kingdom and the EU-27 will be governed by WTO rules or other temporary emergency measures to be taken unilaterally by the EU. to work in the United Kingdom, if he already resides there, he will have to comply with the requirements of the legislation in force here(citizenship requirements, installation duties, etc.) as provided for in the EU Settlement Scheme. If he goes to the UK after 29 March 2019 in case of non-agreement, he will have to check for each sector and kind of service activity the conditions applicable to European professionals that the United Kingdom will apply after leaving without agreement.

According to data from the British Ministry of Labor and Pensions, the number of Greeks who have acquired a National Insurance Number (NIN) has increased significantly in recent years, but slightly declining in 2018 and in the first quarter of 2018. Overall, in 2002, some 105,498 Greek citizens who have acquired NIN have been registered. In the years 2002-2010, the annual number of Greeks acquiring NIN was around 3,000 people, and now the number is almost fivefold. In particular, between 2009 and the first quarter of 2018, the number of Greeks who acquired NIN amounted to 83,492 people (86,428 people from 2008). In the first quarter of 2018, a decline of -8.25% was recorded over the corresponding period of 2017 (3.736 persons versus 4.072 respectively).

In addition, according to the HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), during the academic year 2016-2017, 10,045 Greek students were attending British Universities .

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