Alex Tsipras (ex Prime Minister of Greece in Kefalonia)

As part of a political tour of the Ionian islands Alex Tsipras the previous Prime Minister of Greece was in Zakynthos on Thursday before arriving in Kefalonia on Friday cia the Pessada ferry.

He spent yesterday with the municipalities mayors discussing various initiatives and problems the island is facing generally and the impact covid is having on the vital tourism industry.

The Mayor of Argostoli comments

Today, Friday, July 17, the Mayor of Argostoli, Theofilos Michalatos, received the President of SYRIZA, Mr. Alexis Tsipras, at the City Hall of Argostoli.

Mr. Tsipras was accompanied by former ministers Nektarios Santorinios and Katerina Notopoulou, as well as Theodoros Galiatsatos and Aphrodite Theopeftatou.
The meeting that followed was also attended by the Mayors of Lixouri George Katsivelis, Samis Gerasimos Monias & Ithaca Dionysis Stanitsas.

The Mayors presented to the President the situation that prevails in the Municipalities of the island after the disintegration of the Kallikratikos Municipality of Kefalonia and the problems they face.

Mr. Tsipras, for his part, drew their attention to the transport equivalent which, as he stressed, is in great danger of being abolished and whose platform has not yet been opened for 2020 and the transfer of the ICU of our hospital.

From all sides, the need for immediate reinforcement of Kefalonia and Ithaca was emphasized, in all the issues that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and especially in the strengthening of the companies and the workers that are severely affected during this tourist season.

From the Mayor’s Office

One of his final stops was Premier in Argostoli square, alas little social distancing seemed to be happening!

photo source – Premier Kefalonia



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