All Access to the Shipwreck Cove is forbidden by Decision of the Port Authority of Zakynthos


Conversely, the time for the start of the new tourist season counts, and the question that remains plagued and troublesome is whether and whether the beach of “Navagio” will be ready to welcome its summer visitors, but also the area in the top Plateau will have a decent picture. 
At the same time, we are at the stage of assurances and promises, since this was received by the Mayor of Zakynthos by handing to the Ministry of Environment the envelope with the licenses for intervention in a reforestable forest area and then the Ministry of Tourism for the “Navagio” area.
At the same time, the decision of the Port Authorities to ban the approach and mooring of floating means and the taking of a sea bath at the “Navagio of Zakynthos” bay was published in the Official Gazette, specifying what should apply, and to change the required guarantees and clear instructions on which parts of the beach is safe and which is not. 
No one can answer how long it will last, but what one can say with certainty is that it is first time for the immediate stakeholders to sit around a table to get and implement meaningful and effective solutions, which will no longer expose us as a tourist destination worldwide.
Zakynthos is well or badly identified with the image of the Navajo. The reason for Zakynthos and Greece to become one of the most beautiful images of the planet. Given the incident, should we be concerned that perhaps the magical image of the Wreck has a maturity date? How are ropes and coats not enough to keep brand name? Few piles, and a few meters of rope are for the name, unless there is substantial guarding and interventions.
Usually good wishes crowd out the dialogue and study, leaving them all on our autopilot and our good luck. But how much can the wreck bring on the island? What would happen if, over the years or with a bigger instantaneous event, did the beach completely lose its basic characteristics? Does it stop being accessible or lost forever its rusty black skirt?

The decision …
The decision of the Port Authority published in the Official Gazette Issue B ‘907 / 15.03.2019 states:“In view of the continuing need for emergency measures to protect human life and safeguard order-safety and, by extension, the general public interest as a result of the natural phenomena of 13 September 2018 and 26 October 2018, that the provisions of this decision do not cause any expense to the state budget and the applicable legislation, we decide: 1. The prohibition of approaching-anchoring of all motorized or non-motorized floating means, as well as the the ban on taking a sea bath at Zakynthos Bay “Navagio” for the time of publication of this till it and fixed-implemented institutional competently the information already contained in (n) and (q) thereof and ensure institutional competently eliminate risk as a result of physical phenomena (s) concerned. 2. Infringements of this judgment, irrespective of the concurrent criminal or civil liability, shall be subject to administrative sanctions in accordance with Article 157 of Law no. 187/73 (Government Gazette 261 / A ‘/ 1973) as in force. 3. From the entry into force of this Agreement, any other decision that is in conflict with it and / or which relates to matters governed by it shall be abolished. “

The Lekka study
Questions remain as to whether what is required to be done will be provided in the preparation of a new free study proposed by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens through Professor Efthimios Lekka. His assistance was requested in order to remove the deadlocks that have been created, while guests and professionals will have to await the proposals that will be submitted in the following period, considering that with additional measures and restrictions we will forget what has been up to now for access to the area. 
According to what has become known, the study to be submitted to the local authorities and the Port Authority will be drafted at the base of the beach to be safe to access and to the points where there is a risk of landslides to prohibit access and stay.
The role of local authorities, which will be called upon to take concrete measures for the delimitation of coastlines, labeling and, most importantly, the presence of a guardsman who, as they all seem to be, should be there to supervise the observance of the instructions to be given.

What is missing; 
The success of the goals set and which we want to implement does not concern the progress and development of Zakynthos and of Greece as a whole. The tourist product associated with the Shipwreck leaves many profits in its economy for this, and the Ministry of Tourism should immediately take a public position to save and protect the shipwreck. If it suffices to “wait for a responsible proposal” – which is the one above – then it was my May … 
Once again, with the logic and mindset “I refine the booze and swallow the camel” we have enough to find out but no substantive proposals to change the cruise – those scientific ones.
Let’s not forget where we come from. Who we are. Let the flame of our ancestors shine in a national consensus and engagement to solve the problems and move forward pioneering to the future. The period of “rattle” must end irretrievably. Let us take the initiatives that fit and fit us. Mind exists, DNA is good. What’s missing? 

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