All the new measures that apply from tomorrow (30 January)

The new stricter measures due to coronavirus that are valid from tomorrow Saturday, 30/1 and the return to red and yellow areas of the map of the Territory were announced a while ago by the Minister. Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias.

As Mr. Hardalias said, the Charter of Health Safety and Protection Measures against Covid-19 infection will return from tomorrow (30/1) at 6 in the morning.

There are two levels of health insurance, level A ‘- surveillance (shown in yellow) and level B’ – increased risk (shown in red and) in which additional restrictive measures apply. The level of health security of each regional unit is determined by its epidemiological burden. Epidemiologically burdened areas are classified in the red level, which can be entered by both Local Communities and Municipal Units, as well as Municipalities, Regional Units and entire Regions if the data so require.

At both levels there are horizontal measures for the whole territory, which are the basis of our effort. These measures are as follows:

  • Use of mask indoors and outdoors.
  • 24-hour traffic restriction using SMS to 13033 only for six (6) reasons.
  • Work with the minimum possible staff (rotation, telework) in private and public sector.
  • Distance education in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Kindergartens, Primary schools and all Special Education schools at all levels are open.
    Functioning of Supreme Courts and Special Courts.
  • Operation Super League 1 & 2 and Basketball League. Most of the country presents a good epidemiological picture as a result of which it is at the level of A ‘- surveillance.

At level A ‘the following applies, in addition to the horizontal measures:

  • Traffic ban from 9 pm to 5 am.
  • Secondary education, ie Gymnasiums and Lyceums, operate at school.
  • In places of worship, services are allowed with the presence of up to 25 people, a limit that increases to 50 people in the case of metropolitan churches. And with the distances already provided.
  • Retail, hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons, as well as diet services, diet unit services with the exception of exercise, personal hygiene and body care services, but also KTEO and OPAP agencies (excluding OPAP Play) operate.

For the transition, it is required to send an SMS with the code 2 or a corresponding printed confirmation. The consumer must keep the message sent to 13033 in order to prove the time of sending and approval of the movement. The consumer can make any commercial transaction within 2 hours from the time of sending and approval of his message. Also, within the stores is allowed 1 person per 25 sq.m.

The following areas will enter the ” red”, level B , from tomorrow at 6 in the morning:

The Peripheral Unit of Lesvos, the municipality of Eordea of ​​the Peripheral Unit of Kozani, the municipalities of Thebes and Tanagra of the Peripheral Unit of Boeotia, the municipality of Sparta of the Peripheral Unit of Laconia, the municipality of Chalkidea and the Roma settlement of the Municipality of Periveri Evia, the municipality of Nea Propontida of the Peripheral Unit of Halkidiki, the municipality of Patras of the Peripheral Unit of Achaia, the municipality of Thira of the Peripheral Unit of Thira, the Peripheral Unit of Mykonos and the region of Attica except the Peripheral Unit of Islands.

At this level B ‘- increased risk, the following measures will apply:

  • The traffic ban in these areas is valid from 6 pm to 5 am, except in Attica where due to metropolitanism, increased population and public transport network, the ban is valid from 9 pm to 5 am.
  •  Only the Gymnasiums operate at school (the Lyceums operate with distance education)
  • In places of worship, up to 9 people are allowed to perform services.
  • The operation of stores is done with the click away method and especially the clothing and footwear stores, as well as the hairdressers, the grocery stores and the bookstores operate with the procedure of the predetermined appointment (click in a shop).

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