Always look upon the bright side of life (you can sing the chorus)

Amongst all the doom and gloom were some real positives yesterday, among note;

(1) Vaccines stopping transmission as well as preventing death (this is the golden egg)

Further good news is that it looks like the Pfizer vaccine stops transmission – an Israeli study found recipients built up so many antibodies they would be unlikely to pass the virus on.

And it looks like the AstraZeneca vaccine may prevent spread of Covid too. Research released at the beginning of February showed that a single dose prevents two thirds of Covid transmission. The data also showed that none of the recipients were hospitalised after 22 days – the time it took for an immune response to build up. 

(2) Pfizer asks FDA to approve storing Covid vaccine doses at higher temperatures

  • Pfizer is seeking permission from the FDA to store its Covid-19 vaccine for two weeks at temperatures commonly found in pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators.
  • This will make distribution and storage much easier

(3) Vaccinations in Greece and Kefalonia are increasing daily

  • 664,347 doses have now been administered in Greece which is over 5% of the population, in these age groups being vaccinated deaths are dropping.
  • In Kefalonia 180 doses were given yesterday (57 first doses and 123 second doses) meaning locally 5.26% of the population have received at least one dose of the vaccine.
  • A large delivery of AZ vaccine arrived yesterday into kefalonia
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(4) The weather is due to be nice next week

According to the latest forecasts, the weather on our island for the coming days will be as follows:
– On Saturday we expect sunshine with some clouds at times thicker with winds from northwest addresses and the maximum temperature at 15-16 degrees Celsius.
– From the early hours of Sunday and through the morning there is a slight chance for some drizzle or light rain while sunny with east-northeast winds at 4-6 beaufort and maximum temperature at 16-17 degrees Celsius.
Next week we expect very good weather conditions with the temperature rising further and gradually reaching 19-21 degrees Celsius.
Source – telegraph/CNBC/FB post of Faraklata weather/


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