Amazing €7000 raised by the Filoxenia Pool Bar (Katelios) customers and supporters this season for the Ark food Fund

A huge ,warmly thank you from DORIS – ARK Animal Rescue Kefalonia to all of you for your totally support!!!!!
you are amazing….all of you….
Well, this is the one we have all been waiting for – the results from the final quiz night of the season. And what a fabulous night it was!!!
We knew from earlier in the day that there was going to be a good turnout, so I was very worried when we had a heavy rainstorm during the morning and early afternoon. It started to look like we might need to move the event indoors and there wouldn’t have been enough room for everyone. Thankfully, the clouds eventually started to move away around 4:30pm so I started setting up the tables outside. The weather Gods were obviously smiling at us as it was warm and clear for the rest of the day. Phew!!!
Over 80 people turned up for the quiz, making up a total of 18 teams and a few of them even had to sit around the pool to fit them all in, so our extraordinary Quizmaster Andrew McCloskey was surrounded on all sides by eager quizzers. As always, he did a magnificent job and kept them all attentive and entertained all evening – even when we realised that I had forgotten to print the clues for the Connections Quiz on all the team question sheets. Doh!!!
It was lovely to see that it was a 2-person team who carried off the magnificent top prize of a box of Lidl chocolate sea shells – no expense spared there, I hear you cry! – so well done to Paul and Karen Price
So, now for the important money part!
We ended the previous week with a running total of €4,530, which meant we needed another €470 to reach our target of €5000.
Before the evening started, I emptied the latest collection box and that contained €110, which was a good start.
During the week, we had also received some very generous donations from several hotel guests and locals totalling €245, so a very grateful “Thank you” goes to Dorothy Braithwaite, Paul Seamons and Sharon Seamons, Panos and Jackie Panayi, Rebecca Joyce, Wendy Bradshaw, Colin Dodd, Pam and Clive, Diane Hebb and Richard, and Chris and Sue.
As usual, there was some delicious baked food on offer and that brought us a very tasty €75. I should add that all the food that we have had on sale during the season has been provided at their own expense by our terrific group of bakers, whose efforts have brought in a significant portion of the overall total. Thank you all for your hard work – Carol Milner, Joy Moore, Maaike Avgerinos Jansink and Elizabeth Williams
With so many people taking part, the quiz itself raised a further €155 so that means the total for the week came to €585 and took us over our hoped-for target, giving us a new running total of €5,115.
Now you may remember that have already spent €1,720 of the Fund during the season on food deliveries so the amount actually raised by Filoxenia Pool Bar customers came to €6,835. With that in mind, the lovely Philip Moore has pledged another €100 plus Alison McG and I will add the last €65 to take the overall funds raised to a round €7,000.
So our final running total for the ARK Food Fund is now €5,280, which will help greatly to meet some of the ARK’s winter food costs.
Once again, it is impossible to thank all of the people who have worked so hard and given so generously to make this achievement possible – you are all marvellous and I’m sure Maria Marina Machado and Joyce Broekman at the ARK would want to hug each and every one of you if they could.
p.s. Our quiz season may have come to an end but don’t forget that there will be another quiz next Friday evening at Jerry’s Elliniko restaurant in Katelios in aid of the island’s orphanage. It starts at 9pm and it is for a great cause so we hope to see you there. xxx

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