Amendment of the Aviation Directive for non-European citizens – In “third countries” the United Kingdom added

The Civil Aviation Authority announced the amendment of the aviation directive that provides for a ban on entry into the country of Non-European Citizens (Non EU Citizens) and will be valid until midnight on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

Residents of the following 9 countries are excluded from the directive: United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

From this specific air directive, in relation to the pre-existing one, the United Kingdom was placed in the category of third countries due to Brexit and at the same time it was added to the list of exceptions with the allowed third countries, where travellers can enter Greece by air.

It is reminded that all passengers entering the Greek territory with flights from abroad for the period until January 7, 2021 are subject to mandatory precautionary restriction at home or at the place of temporary residence stated in the PLF form, for three (3) days. . While for the United Kingdom there is a 10-day quarantine. In order to get out of quarantine, those arriving from the UK will have to undergo a new PCR test when the 10-day period is completed, which will be negative in order to lift the mandatory precautionary restriction.

Also, the obligation of all travelers from abroad, including travelers from the United Kingdom, to have a negative molecular (PCR) test of 72 hours and to fill in the PLF form in order to enter Greek territory continues. At the same time, all passengers entering Greece with flights from the United Kingdom will be subject to a rapid test.

For all air directions until Thursday, January 7, 2021, the exceptions from the pre-existing notam apply.

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