An Amazing 1462.70€ Raised last night at Jerry Elliniko’s Katelios for the orphanage

Feedback from Maaike Avgerinos Jansink on the event last night raising an astonishing amount of money for the Orphanage, well done from us a The Kefalonia Pulse and were sure most others on the island, what a brilliant event and support, this island and it’s people are truly wonderful at times like this.

I can’t get over the fact that we raised tonight 1462.70 euro for the orphanage!!!
Raffle: 835.00
Random Donations: 525.65
I walked the whole night with goosebumps on my legs, it was absolutely Heartwarming!
Big massive thank you to all the people who joined the QUIZ night and also to all the people from all over this lovely island who donated prizes, and who donated during the week money! I’m still blown away!!! Million thanks again!!!!
And of course not to forget our lovely quizmaster Stuart McGowan who put an excellent quiz together and even put a page with explanation of the Orphanage on it! Loads of lovely reaction!

List of people/businesses that donated the raffle prizes

1 Revoil on Airport Road, Catherine Bennink Voucher 50 euro
2 Kate Richardson Skala Reflexology Session worth 40 euro
3 Beauty Spell Argostoli Voucher 30 euro towards any treatment
4 Restaurant Jerry’s Elliniko, donated by Colin Dodd Voucher 25 euro
5 Alan & Irene Bottle of Red Wine
6 Restaurant La Mer Lourdas La Mer’s extra Virgin Olive Oil
7 Blue Sea Restaurant in Katelios Voucher Dinner for two
8 Donkey Trekking Kefalonia 1 hour donkey trekking with 4 donkeys
9 Sheila & Roger Bottle of Ouzo
10 Denise from Ratzakli 1 Moisturizing Cream
11 Galera Restaurant Skala 2 Bottles of Wine
12 Jos & Henk Zeelen Dutch Stroopwafels
13 Grill House Katelios Voucher for 20 euro
14 Restaurant La Mer Lourdas BeyWheels
15 Alan & Irene Bottle of Prosecco
16 Marilena Giftshop in Katelios T-Shirt
17 Alou Yia Lou in Katelios Voucher Breakfast for 2
18 Just for You Gift Shop in Katelios Voucher 20 euro
19 Nathalie’s Hotel Skala 2 Bottles of Wine
20 Restaurant La Mer Lourdas Disney Binder Clips
21 Restaurant La Mer Lourdas Bottle of Rose
22 Jos & Henk Zeelen Dutch Stroopwafels
23 Sheila & Roger 2 Bottles of Wine
24 Nemesis Bar in Katelios Voucher for 2 cocktails
25 Katelios Taverna in Katelios Voucher Breakfast for 2
26 Denise from Ratzakli 1 Face Scrub
27 Elizabeth Williams Bottle of Prosecco
28 Detta Darnell Book Poetry
29 Marilena Giftshop in Katelios Canvas BackPack with Dog print
30 Sheila & Roger Bottle of Metaxa
31 Detta Darnell Small Painting
32 Restaurant Jerry’s Elliniko Voucher 25 euro
33 Renate & Gerard Jansink LED Light Magnifier
34 Restaurant La Mer Lourdas Paper Chains + Fortune Tellers
35 Marilena Giftshop in Katelios 3 pencil cases
36 Rosalie gift shop in Katelios Voucher 12 euro
37 Denise from Ratzakli Set of Yellow Rose Professional face creams
38 Nathalie’s Hotel Skala Bottle of Wine
39 Maaike 2 Crocheted Flower Vases

Images from the night


Source – FB post of Maaike Avgerinos Jansink


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