An amendment to reduce the price of coffee on supermarket shelves will be brought to the House today by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The amendment comes after the reactions of the coffee exoneration from the measure of VAT reduction announced recently by the Prime Minister.

“In the four years I negotiate with myself and the whole group” this tax, how much performance will it have? ” We were 800 million, the Commission said 500 million, the IMF said 20 million. We could not do what we wanted, we had imposed. But now we can do our own plan, our own plan and inform the Institutions. Now that we are out of the memorandum we have cost the measures and at the same time do other things. If you see the package we have for August and the TIF, along with what we announced yesterday and those for 2020, it’s a package, “said Euclid Tsakalotos at ANT1.

As for the reduction in VAT rates, Mr Tsakalotos revealed that “the debate on the measures continues in the House. There will be amendments to reduce 13% of VAT on coffee and other beverages sold on supermarket shelves. ” He added, unfortunately, that there is no budget margin to reduce VAT and for served drinks in catering outlets.

For ND, he commented: “They are tabling amendments to be even more generous, but they do not tell us how much their cost is. Giorgos Houliarakis cost ND’s program at 5 billion euros for this year and 9 billion by 2022. ND did not respond. Is that the cost? “

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