Anger: They painted donkeys to look like zebras – For a safari wedding party [in Spain]

Anger has prompted the public to animal rights activists the movement of a couple to paint two donkeys with stripes to look like zebras for a safari wedding ceremony in Spain.

The two unfortunate animals were photographed around a bar by a native of El Palmar, a town in Cadiz, who naturally informed the animal rights activists. Indeed, he described this move as “embarrassing” and demanded justice.

The unfortunate donkey that painted it with black paint to look like zebra
What the native denounced – The donkeys stayed under the hot sun all day

Angela Tomas Herera Pelez wrote to his Facebook account, posting the video: “The donkeys, which are in danger of extinction, are used for tourist exploitation.” The animals, indeed, had been transported in the heat, painted in black stripes to remind zebras and stayed throughout the day under the hot summer sun, according to Andalucia Informacion.
The Agricultural and Commercial Department of Kadiz, after publishing the news, said it would launch an investigation. According to local media, this bar usually opens only for private events such as weddings and christenings.

Gepostet von Angel Tomás Herrera Peláez am Sonntag, 14. Juli 2019

Shame for the tourist exploitation of donkeys in Greece
It should be noted, however, that the issue of donkeys and their brutal treatment is an issue that has been repeatedly denounced in Greece and specifically in Santorini.
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