Animals stopped in Patras in January

The saga continues, following recent media reports here is a different viewpoint taken from the Facebook page of Animal Lovers Kefalonia

We arrange dogs from Kefalonia in Greece to Germany. 
On 24.01.19 a transport of already mediated dogs should take place from Patras to Germany with the ferry. 
The transport was stopped in the harbour and the dogs were confiscated. The exact background is not known to us. But there were radical activists on site, who talked about illegal animal trade, mediation in experimental laboratories and animal brothels. In addition, the travel conditions would be a torture for the dogs. 
We know the lady who transports the dogs. She takes exemplary care of the dogs during the journey, the lattice boxes are large and the dogs arrive in a very good condition. Only by their employment it could be prevented that the dogs were not brought into the animal shelter to Athens, but into the animal shelter on Zakynthos. However, the dogs are stuck there until the confiscation is lifted. 
All local media are now spreading the worst rumours, influenced by those who want to prevent animals from being transported abroad. 
We are desperate, especially the families who are eagerly waiting for their pets.
We can also prove that dogs are placed in good families. There are preliminary checks and talks in advance. Even after the mediation we remain in contact. There is no profit to be made with the nominal fee. It just covers the veterinary and transport costs. Also the papers are all in order.
Also the families would explain that the mediation is in order and how shocked they are that such claims are put into the world, instead of being pleased that dogs, which have no mediation chances in Greece, find a nice home in Germany.
They all have already prepared loving places for their pets. The children ask about the dogs every day. 
We don’t understand why the families have to suffer, children’s hearts are broken, innocent dogs are locked away.

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