Announcement of the Municipality of Lixouri for stray animals


 In recent years, with the full support and cooperation of the animal welfare group of Paliki, we have achieved the obvious reduction of homeless people in our city and waiting for the Ministry of Interior to approve the application for funding for the homeless shelter, we hope for a better future.

At the same time, a program of free sterilizations was carried out for the first time in our Municipality in collaboration with EDKE.

But for there to be continuity and even better prospects for the protection and care of the homeless, everyone needs the participation and the practical support.

We invite those who are sensitive to the issues of protection and care of the homeless to declare participation in the Voluntary Homeless Protection Group created in our Municipality.

What do we want from you?

In case a stray is found, keep it in your place and take care of it until it gets the two vaccinations and the necessary chipping from the Municipality and be promoted for adoption.

   All the above lasts about a month and all the costs as well as the actions required will be borne by the Municipality.

We ask you only a little of your space and time and a lot of your love for defenseless animals.

You can express your interest at  or by sending a message both on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Lixouri and on the Lixouri Animal Volunteers page as well as by calling 2671091018 at the Cleaning and Green Department.

From the press office of the Municipality of Lixouri

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