Announcement of the Police Association for the large number of visitors to Ainos



On the occasion of the various comments that were written and posted on the internet recently about the mass transfer of citizens to Ainos on the day of the snowfall, we point out the following:

In no case do not touch the local police such comments, acted legally and proven with a human face, for an incident of which they became aware and called to provide solutions to other public services and local authorities when there was a risk to human life. in this case the wrong texts would again be borne by the police).

Everyone knew the delinquency of this movement but above all the real danger (the weather phenomena in progress, a huge crowd of vehicles and passengers on the extremely dangerous roads from the snowfall of the mountain). The logic was absent. But taking on our personal responsibility is a difficult exercise.

The easy solution is to transfer our responsibilities to third parties without any mention of our personal involvement, even using the exaggeration and presentation of the facts as they see fit.

Finally, we assure you that in Kefalonia there is no fear for the existence of “SHERIFF’s”, as we have been scientifically characterized, but for police officers who in these difficult times perform their duties untouched and with dignity.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible… (Voltaire).

Argostoli 19/01/2021

The President The Secretary General

Grigoropoulos Konstantinos Paschakis Dimitrios

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